How and why bypass Google phone verification

how to bypass Google phone verification

“I have an Android phone. I bought it years ago and activated it using my Google account too. Now, I have forgotten the Google password that I used for activation. But, I do not want to set the phone to factory settings. In fact, I want to learn to bypass the verification process using Google account feature and to disable the FRP setting of my phone.” – An android user

Many times, you must have come across this question on some of the other user forums. This guide helps to step by step procedure for bypassing the Google phone verification process.

Complete guide on how to bypass Google phone verification process

Smartphones like Android come with advanced security features. There is an owner identification feature to ensure that the phone becomes unavailable when it reaches any unauthorized user. The users need to punch in the Google password to activate the phone. When the user inputs the password, the phone reset to factory settings; it is nothing but factory reset protection facility. Due to this feature, the data saved on the mobile phone is not stolen.

But, what to do when you have accidentally forgotten the password to Google accounts and do not want the phone to go back to factory setting? Is there any way to disable FRP? Well, the user can bypass the Google phone verification process through a simple but elaborate procedure.

This bypass feature is tested on Android 5.1. The uses of Android phone may feel very much protected with the Factory Reset Protection feature. The versions after 5.1 of Android phones can now be reactivated without passing through the FRP feature or Google verification process. The process may vary for Samsung and LG phones.

How to disable FRP on Android devices

Google account verification process can be bypassed if the account using which the phone was activated is deleted. The process in the Android devices is completed through this route: Settings>Accounts>Google>Choose your Google Account> Click the icon on the right corner of the account. The drop-down menu has an option ‘Remove Account’. Click this option and confirm it. Your Google account using which you started the phone is deleted and eventually, the account verification process is bypassed.

Disable FRP or bypass Google verification in various phone brands

As a matter of fact, Android phones produced by different brands such as LG, Samsung, and HTC and so on. Listed here are the steps using which you can bypass the Goggle account verification process to access the Samsung devices

  1. Bring the phone to factory settings
  2. The phone reboots and then it may ask you to select the language.
  3. Connect the phone to a Wi-Fi connection(unable to find out the password, then check this link: – how to get wifi password)
  4. Next, you are asked to put in the Google Account details. Hover over the text bar and let the Google keyboard appear.
  5. In the text bar, do not type anything but select the character @ and long-press it. In a few seconds, Google keyboard settings screen appears.
  6. Click the three dots at the top area of the screen or in some versions you can find the option ‘more’.
  7. You can select and click ‘Help and Feedback’ option.
  8. Under the Help section, select Using Google Keyboard option.
  9. After all Long press this to select any text that appears
  10. The option of web search will emerge at the right top corner; you can select this web search option.
  11. A typical search bar appears. Type Settings there.
  12. Scroll down the settings to reach About Phone and select it.
  13. Click the actual menu and find the device Build Number.
  14. The build number can be typed again and again for about 7 times. The process is to be continued until the Developer Options tab is enabled.
  15. Now go back to the previous menu.
  16. And launch the developer options tab that is now active.
  17. Reach OEM Unlocking under Developer Options and tap it about twice.
  18. Once done, restart the device and again connect to the Wi-Fi network and add another Google account when asked.

So, this is how your existing Google account bypassed. This process is especially applicable to Samsung Galaxy J7.

Bypass FRP process or Google verification for LG phones

Steps to disable FRP or bypass Google verification on phone for LG phones are more in number and are a bit elaborate too. These are:

  1. Select a specific Wi-Fi network to connect the device(In case if you face wifi connected no internet then refer that link and fix)
  2. Then go back to the home screen of the phone
  3. Follow the path Accessibility>Vision>Talkback>Text-to-Speech Output
  4. Go to Settings of Text-to-Speed Output option
  5. Then Enter the Feedback menu and reach to the sub-menu
  6. Go to text bar and input Feedback
  7. Under Input Feedback, Input System Logs option is provided
  8. Reach to Terms of Service under the Input System Logs option and let the Google Chrome come up
  9. Furthermore, the screen with prompt to login appears. You select ‘No, Thanks’.
  10. Terms of Service’ will appear. On that page, click the ‘Google’ icon
  11. Input Test on the Search bar and click Search
  12. Wikipedia page appears generally. Select and long-press the description below the Wiki link.
  13. This leads to the menu with share, copy and there are three dots on the right-hand side
  14. Clicking three dots leads you to a few options; one of those is Assist. Select Assist.
  15. This option takes you to search bar of the phone; you can skip entering login details
  16. Come to phone’s settings and reach Apps.
  17. In the apps screen, there are three dots on the right side
  18. Click it to find Show System option. In the Show System option, you reach to Set up Wizard and press Storage.
  19. Under storage, select Clear Cache
  20. Then go back to Apps by clicking back twice
  21. You can go to Google Play Services from here
  22. Now, you need to repeat all steps and then press Force Stop. Using it you disable the app.
  23. Now restart the LG phone
  24. Go to Wi-Fi and select ‘Forget Network
  25. Click next and keep tapping ‘Skip’ until “protect this Device” appears
  26. Follow Google Terms and Conditions> ‘I Agree’> Done.
  27. Now follow the path – Settings>General>Backup & Reset>Factory Data Reset>Reset Phone> Delete All>Reset

So, this is how you disable FRP or bypass Google setting on LG phones so far.



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