To create three whatsapp account

how to use three whatsapp on single android phone

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the freeware instant messaging services for Android and IOS devices. it was founded by  Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. after that Facebook was acquired by 19.3 billion US Dollars in February 2016.

In matter of fact, Whatsapp is top of the popular android application in the world. it provides free voice calls, video calls, unlimited text messages, images and documents etc.

In this article helps to how to create more than one whatsapp account. if you want to use three whatsapp numbers on same android device, then you can follow these steps.

Create first whatsapp account  

Download whatsapp for android mobile

Step 1:

At first to download whatsapp messenger on your android mobile.

Step 2:

To download whatsapp android then you can go to Google Playstore and just type

whatsapp” or else

go to the following link:-

To download whatsapp on playstore

Step 3:

After that click install button

To download and install whatsapp application

That’s it! your first whatsapp account has created.

Create second whatsapp account 

2 whatsapp in 1 phone android 

if you want to create dual whatsapp android then you can follow this steps below

Step 1:

Just keep your first whatsapp account

Step 2:

Download gbwhatsapp for the following link

official page of gbwhatsapp

Step 3:

After that you can translate your own preferred language


Gbwhatsapp translate your own language

Step 4:

Just check on the latest whatsapp version and then you can click on that latest gbwhatsapp program.

Step 5:

Then you can click the download button as per the image shown below

click to download gbwhatsapp

That’s it ! now you have created dual whatsapp successfully.

Step 6:

Just check your mobile phone you can able to use 2 whatsapp in 1 phone android.

Create third whatsup account 

Three whatsapp using single android mobile

if you want to create three whatsapp accounts on android phone then you can follow this steps below

Step 1:

Go to the android play store and search parallel space

or else go to he following link:-

To download parallel space android applications

Step 2:

After that you can download and installed parallel space application on your android device.

Download and Installed parallel space

Step 3:

After installation completed, then you can just open that parallel space application.

parallel space installed then open it

Step 4:

Then you can click on Add App (+) link.

click on add app icon

Step 5:

Now you will see the list of your android installed applications list. you can just find your whatsapp application and click on it. after you can go ahead “Add to Parallel Space” button.

add whatsapp in parallel space

click the button add to parallel space

Step 6:

At finally, your third whatsapp account is ready. Parallel Space application created your new whatsapp account successfully.



How to whatsapp download for android?

Go to the google playstore and download the “whatsapp messenger” application.

Is possible to use more than two whatsapp accounts on single android phone?

Yes, you can able to use more than two or three whatsapp accounts to use your Android phone.

How to use 3 whatsapp in 1 phone android ?

You can download and install whatsapp messenger, GB whatsapp and parallel space to make this.

How to create new whatsapp account ?

first download and install on whatsapp messenger after that you can give your number. after all completed, then you can able to Call or SMS through received your whatsapp verification number. Just put the verification number on it. now your whatsapp new account created successfully.


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