how to restore taskbar in windows 7

restore taskbar and fix missing taskbar icons

Initially taskbar icons missing is the one of the most common problems when using windows 7 operating system. As a matter of fact, sometimes taskbar has disappears from the desktop automatically without any reason.


how do you restore your taskbar?

Fix toolbar missing windows 7 explorer?

how do you restore taskbar to the bottom of the screen?

Solution 1:

restart windows 7 explorer.exe

To restart your windows 7 explorer by using the above steps:-

step 1:

At First, press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete button on your keyboard.

step 2:

Then it will show a window’s menu and choose the button “Start Task Manager

open task manager

step 3:

After that you can click File-> New Task

To open new task for your task manager

step 4:

In the meantime, type “Explorer.exe” and hit enter.

if you type explorer.exe and fix restore your taskbar

step 5:

Now your disappear taskbar restored immediately.


if the above method fails to load missing taskbar and desktop icons, missing restore your taskbar then you can go to the solution 2.

Solution 2:

Change group policy editor configuration to restore taskbar windows 7

step 1:

Press Windows button and type “gpedit.msc” on that text box.

Type gpedit.msc of start menu

step 2:-

after that it will show the Local Group Policy Editor.

open the group policy editor

step 3:-

Choose the following options:- User Configuration→Administrative Templates→Start Menu and Taskbar.

open start menu and taskbar

step 4:

After all double-click the following option “Show Quick Launch on Taskbar

step 5:-

Finally, you can choose “Enabled” option and click OK button.

click show quick launch on taskbar enabled option

step 6:

After completed enabled then go to the desktop and right-click on the taskbar area choose the Toolbars -> New Toolbar option

To open new toolbar on desktop

step 7:

Then you can set the following folder path C:\Users\<user name of your computer>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

open new toolbar then set specified folder path

That’s it! windows 7 taskbar quick launch icons will be restored.


if the above method failed to resolve taskbar icons missing problem, then you can go to the solution 3.

Solution 3:

Download taskbar tool repair plus to avoid windows 7 taskbar icons blank and taskbar icons missing problems

Taskbar tool repair plus is one of the software that helps to restore taskbar immediately and fix taskbar icons blank problems.

Taskbar Repair Tool Plus to Restore your taskbar and fix taskbar icons blank problems

You can download this software from the following link:-

To download software Taskbar repair tool plus

step 1:

After download is completed, then you can place the software for your desktop or whatever you want to create.

step 2:

Then open TaskbarRepairToolPlus Folder and run TaskbarRepairToolPlus!.exe

To run taskbar repair tool plus.exe

step 3:-

After that it will appear on your system you can choose Taskbar Problems -> Taskbar is missing option and click “Repair” button.

Select taskbar is missing-repair option afterwards to click repair button

After all steps completed, then your taskbar icons missing problem resolved and restore taskbar issue fixed successfully.


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