How to test Internet speed online and command prompt

google internet speed online

If you want to know Internet speed of your computer either personal or office systems, then this article helps you. Basically Internet speed measured by two ways download and upload.

Download is nothing but how the amount of data you received from your system. Likewise Upload means that how the amount of data to transferred from your system.

These two significant things are noted while you are checking in Internet speed of your computer.

Internet Speed Test Online

There are plenty of websites are available on online when you test your Internet speed such as:  etc.

Anyhow, i recommend to use and  google fiber speed test

Speed test :

Step 1:

At first enter the following URL on your web browser

Step 2:

After that you can click “GO” button

internet speed test online

Step 3:

Now will be analyzed on your Internet speed. you can sit back and wait for some minutes. results will be shown once the download and upload speed is measured.

Internet speed details

Google Fiber speed test:

Step 1:

Open your web browser and enter the following URL

Step 2:

After that click on this play button as shown in the image

google fiber test online

Step 3:

That’s it, now Google will calculate and announce your Internet speed results

google internet speed online

Internet speed test using command prompt

Step 1:

First to close all active Internet Programs

Step 2:

After that you can run command prompt (Ctrl+R and type CMD)

to run command prompt

Step 3:

You can type the following command:


Note:- when test your Internet speed using command prompt, you can use any of your website address.

test your internet speed using command prompt

Step 4:

Wait for some second result will show on your Internet usage statistics.



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