reopen accidentally closed recent tabs in web browsers such as google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari, Internet Explorer

how to reopen accidentally closed tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari & IE

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As a matter of fact, web browsers are one of the essential aspects of internet users. if you want to know anything from anywhere, just open your favorite web browsers such as google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari or anything else open on your computer or smartphones and just browse the internet.

Notably, sometimes we are browsing through the internet two or more tabs.

Unfortunately, we have accidentally closed those tabs by the mistake.

So let we are going to discuss solutions for this kind of situation.

Although this may be true, there are two possible ways to reopen accidentally closed tabs in your windows supported web browsers.

  1. Use “Reopen Closed Tab” option in your browsers.
  2. Enter your Keyboard Ctrl+Shift+T.

How to reopen closed tabs in google chrome

However, do you want to restore recently closed tabs in your google chrome? don’t worry, you will follow these simple steps below:-


Step1: In case of when you accidentally closed any of your recent web browser tab means just right click on your any of your current active tabs.

Step2: Then Choose the option “Reopen closed tab“. Suppose if you want two or more previous most recently closed tabs, then continuing this process until your desired tab will be reopened.

choose this reopen closed tab option helps to restore recent;y closed tabs


On your keyword just press Ctrl + Shift + T then you can easily get back to recover from your most recently closed tabs.

To reopen closed tab using this shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + T

How to reopen closed tabs in Mozilla Firefox

The following steps help you to recover accidentally closed all tabs.

Step1: At first just right click on your mouse under your current active tab in your Firefox browser.

Step2: Choose the option named “Undo Close Tab“.

Choose the option undo close tab helps to recover closed tabs

Firefox undo close tab keyboard shortcut

As has been mentioned earlier here also using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T that helps to reopen accidentally closed tabs.

How to reopen closed tabs in Internet Explorer

Step1: First right click on your current active tab in your IE Browser

Step2: After that choose an option called “Reopen Closed Tab“.

Choose reopen closed tab option helps to recover accidentally closed tabs

Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Opera Mini & Safari

Similarly, the same above mentioned steps you have followed here also that helps to reopen accidentally closed tabs in your opera & Safari web browsers.

How to reopen a closed tab mac os

In addition, if you are using the Mac operating system then I know the above steps could not help you to resolve your concern.

Even if you are using any Mac web browsers just using this below keyboard shortcut key that can be able to bring back into your recently closed tabs instantly.

The Mac Shortcut key to re-open closed tab: Cmd + Shift + T.

Video Tutorial:

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