Add or Remove Boxbe From Gmail Yahoo Outlook

Add or Remove Boxbe From Gmail,Yahoo,Outlook

Although this may be true, this post I provide detailed instruction on how to add or remove Boxbe from your emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail.

What is the use of Boxbe?

Basically, Boxbe is the free service that can be specially created and integrate with Gmail, AOL Email, Outlook Email and Yahoo Email. If you are using Boxbe then simply organize your all emails which one is important and which one is unimportant. The real purpose of Boxbe is to prioritize your received emails, messages and avoid spam emails for your inbox.

Furthermore, Boxbe system related information if you needed, then just visit official website link.

So if you want to start it to Boxbe account, then please SignUp here and do that following steps.

How to Create Boxbe Account?

Step1: In the first place go to that Boxbe website link:-

Boxbe Website Home page

Step2: After that, just put your email address then click the “SignUp” button.

Boxbe Signup Button

Step3: Identically your SignUp page is loading to the next form. Actually, Boxbe System Authorize depends upon whatever email address you have entered.

For example, when you entered the Gmail address ( then, it will check and authorize your email account.

Authorize Boxbe in Gmail account

Likewise, if you are using other email addresses (Yahoo, Outlook, AOL) it will validate and authorize their corresponding email servers.

Authorize Boxbe Email Address for Yahoo,Outlook and AOL    

Apart from this if you are using the other third-party domain name, email providers, you have just provided an email address, password, IMAP server name accurately after that you will click that authorize button.

Boxbe Authorize other third-party domain name email providers

Step4: Moreover Boxbe system asks permission to access your email account. so that you can click the “Allow” button.

asking permission email providers to access boxbe

Step5: At finally, you have successfully created Boxbe user account for your email address.

Boxbe user Dashboard page

Boxbe Account Login Page

After successfully completed your SignUp process, then login into the following link and ensure your username and password correctly you have entered.

Boxbe login link:

Boxbe account login page

What is Boxbe waiting list?

The Boxbe Waiting List usually created the folder on your configured Boxbe email accounts. Your unapproved emails are automatically stored this “Boxbe waiting list” label instead of your inbox. In addition, if you want to view this such emails then visiting that Boxbe waiting list folder.

Boxbe Waiting List folder/label in gmail account

How to delete completely my account with Boxbe?

Moreover are you unsatisfied experiencing with Boxbe? if you want to delete completely already created Boxbe Account then please follow these steps below:-

Step1: First to log into your Boxbe account for the following link below:-

Boxbe Login Page

Step2: Similarly enter your registered email address after Boxbe is sent to verification code to your email. you can just provide that code and log in to your account now.

Boxbe login verification code

Step3: After all completed, then it will show the dashboard page. On further, You can click the “Disable Account” button under the My Account tab.

To disable account with boxbe completely

Step4: Moreover it will show the “My Account” page at the end of the bottom side asking completely close confirm text box you can just type the letter  “yes” and click the “Close Forever” button.

Close Boxbe account forever using this option

Step5: At finally your Boxbe account successfully deleted without any issues.

How to remove Boxbe from Gmail Account

At this instant the steps to help out easily delete Boxbe from your google email.

Step1:  Straightaway logged in, your Boxbe connected Gmail account.

google mail account connected with boxbe

Step2: Once you are logged into your google mail then go to the top corner of this page and click on your mail icon to select “Google Account” Option.

option for find out or change google account settings

Step3: After that select the “Sign-in & security” option on your Google account.

Sign in and security option for google mail

Step4: Now it will show a lot of options you can just scroll down and find “Apps with access to your account” option.

apps with access to your account option in gmail

Step5: At next you can click on “MANAGE APPS” under this “Apps with access to your account” option.

manage app option for google account

Step6: By the time you have to see the list of all Third-party apps who connected with your Gmail account.

full list of other third party apps connected with gmail

Step7: Now that find out if “Boxbe” name is there. after you will catch up, then just click on it.

Boxbe application associated with gmail

Step8:  At last, click the “REMOVE ACCESS” button. that’s it! your Google mail associated Boxbe account completely deleted.

Boxbe disconnect with google mail using remove access button

How to remove Boxbe from Yahoo Account

At this point the following steps to achieve delete Boxbe from your yahoo emails.

Step1: In the first place Sign in with your Boxbe associated yahoo account.

yahoo mail main page

Step2: After logging your account, you can go that Yahoo Recent activity page for the following link:

yahoo list of connected apps recent activity page

Step3: Then you can find out the Boxbe name and click the “Remove” link under the ‘Apps connected to your account‘ option.

remove boxbe application for associated yahoo account

How to remove Boxbe from Outlook or Hotmail Account

In the hope that, below, points helps to guide for to remove your Boxbe connected Outlook or Hotmail account.

Step1: Initially, logged on your Boxbe associated outlook account first.

Microsoft outlook home page

Step2: Next, go to the top right corner and click on your account icon. after that, you can select the option called “View account“.

View account option in outlook mail

Step3: Afterwards, you can simply click the “Privacy” option under that account page.

outlook privacy option

Step4: Moreover, find that  “Apps and services that can access your data” link on that Outlook privacy page.

outlook page for apps and services that can access your data

Step5: Now that you can see the list of all third-party applications used for your Outlook account. Furthermore, you can check that “Boxbe” name is there.

Outlook all third party connected applications list

Step6: However Boxbe is available for those lists to applications list, then you can just click that “edit” link below that Boxbe Icon.

Boxbe third-party outlook connected application edit option

Step7: At finally, you can click that button “Remove these permissions” under that Boxbe connected Outlook Account. Lastly, Boxbe deletion completed from your Outlook/Hotmail email account 🙂

To remove Boxbe access account from outlook or hotmail

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    Please remove boxbe from my account. I have followed several times uninstalling boxbe but it continues to interfere with my important emails.

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