How To Make Google Docs Available Offline & use without internet connection

Make Google Docs Available Offline & use without wifi,mobile data,network connection, no internet access

As a matter of fact, Google Docs is the one of the powerful text editor online tool that helps to create documents, editing content and easily share with your document for all of your friends, colleagues and others. Likewise, Microsoft Word, here also you can able to create your own resume, re editing your content instantly, write blogs or interactive articles etc.

Identically not for all the time you are having an active internet connection. In some cases you are affected by network signal problem, mobile-low battery issues, limited data pack, etc. Yes of course 🙂 for those kind of situations you are able to access with your google docs in offline. so don’t worry about your wifi or mobile internet connectivity. Moreover, anytime you can able to make google docs available for both offline & online.

In fact many peoples think that google docs not support offline. so it’s time to know your favorite google docs available for offline and working like Microsoft word. Notably, all created google docs files you can able to save your email connected google document. Therefore, its available and access to your PC, Laptop as well as Smart Phones. At the same time offline is supported for other Google products like Google sheets and Google slides. Finally the below steps, answers for how To Make Google Docs Available Offline without any trouble.

Solid Steps for How To Make Google Docs Available Offline on your Computer or Laptop

1. Sign In Google Account

At first enter your valid google user email and password after login your own account.

Google Sign In Link:-

google account credentials page

2. Install Google Chrome

Importantly, Google Docs Offline feature works with only for their own google product web browser. so that if your system doesn’t have google chrome web browser, then first install them.

Google Chrome browser Official Download Link:-

Official download page for google chrome

3. Open Google Docs Page

After your google account linked with installed google chrome web browser, then open the Google Docs page for the following link: –

google docs, sheet, sliders page

Hereafter click the “Go to Google Docs” button, then the Google Docs page will open in your chrome browser.

4. Open Google Docs Settings Option

Click the burger menu in the top right corner here.

google docs main page burger menu

Go to the “settings” option. after clicking this one popup will be appear.

settings popup menu in google docs

5. Enable and make it visible “Offline” Option

Find out “Offline” option here and enabled this offline cursor. (Once the offline is configured, then the cursor color appeared in blue).

enable offline option in google docs

6. Install Google Docs Offline extension in google chrome

When you enabled this offline access then it will alert one popup box and saying “To turn on offline access, install the Google Docs Offline extension to your Chrome browser“. so that you must need to install this extension only you can make this google docs available for offline.

Next click the “Install” option.

Google Docs offline extension alert box

After that, your browser is going to that offline extension page.

Click “Add to Chrome” button.

extension page for google docs offline

Then again, one prompt alert will display and you can click the “Add Extension” button here.

google chrome web browser click the add extension button

Go to the google docs settings page again and try to offline cursor is enabled. At finally setting up offline is completed in your web browser. In furthermore google docs available and accessible without internet connection so far.

Google Docs setting up online

Simple Steps for Google Docs Available Offline on Mobile Phones(Android & IOS)

The following steps that helps to use Google Docs in your smart phones without internet access.

1. Download Google Docs Application in Android / IOS

At first if you need to use Google Docs in your smart mobiles then must to install this application.

google docs application download from playstore that supports android mobiles

For Android users, Google Docs Application available for Play store for using the following link below:-

For Apple IOS users, Google Docs Application available for App store in the below link:-

google docs ios application in app store

After completing your App installation then just open that application.

2. Enable “Make Recent Files Available Offline” Toggle

First tap the hamburger menu in your app top-left corner.

google docs mobile application hamburger menu

Click “Settings” option.

google docs hamburger menu settings option

Next enable the toggle “Make Recent Files Available Offline“.

enable make recent files available offline toggle

Once enable this toggle then it will apply all google connected accounts on your mobile. Moreover, if you want to use google slides and sheets, then configured this offline setup individually.

google docs application offline option

Of course all your offline google documents will save from google drive. If you can view this created document, then go to Settings -> “Offline” option so far.

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