How to fix WiFi says connected no internet issue

How to fix WiFi says connected no internet issue

Probably in today’s high tech world, nothing is more irritating and frustrating than losing your internet connection while your device is connected to WiFi. Unfortunately, there is no single answer when it comes to no internet with connected WiFi. It could be a problem with the configuration of your operating system or the router as well. Over the years, we have often encountered several times with this WiFi says connected no internet issue. But, the good thing is that now, you can solve this problem with the help of my step-by-step guide.

Simple Guide to Fix WiFi says Connected but no Internet access Issue

If the Internet does not work on all devices connected to the network, then there is probably a problem with your router/modem Or, maybe the ADSL cable is defective. If the Internet does not work on a single device, but it works well with the other devices connected to the same network, then there are chances that the problem is with the device’s WiFi adapter or that the particular device has difficulty communicating with the router. If you are facing the same situation, try this out:

  • Delete all the added wireless networks and reboot your computer.
  • When your computer is fully reloaded just scan your wireless network.
  • Click connect and type your Wifi password.
  • If this does not work, you might need to reset your modem/router.
  • Shut down the router and modem and wait for some time.
  • Apart from that, you also have to restart your PC to make sure everything is clean.
  • Next, you can try connecting again and ensure once if it is working or not. You can check the “internet light” on the router and make sure it is working properly.
  • Check your DSL lights.
  • If the WiFi indicator lights are not blinking, then contact the customer services center.
  • If the Internet is working perfectly from the internet service protocol and at the same time working perfectly on your mobile device, then there might be a problem with your device’s WiFi adapter.
  • You can fix it with the default troubleshooting program.
  • Clean DNS to make sure it doesn’t cause problems.

These are few quick and easy solutions to WiFi-connected no internet problem.

The other alternative solution for WiFi says Connected no Internet connection error

You can solve the same problem by following these steps as well;

  1. Open “Settings
  2. Click “Network & Security” then click “WiFi
  3. Now click “Manage networks
  4. Select the WiFi connection that you want to delete
  5. Click the “Forgot” button
  6. After doing this, close the open window and reboot the computer
  7. After the computer has fully reloaded, open “Settings
  8. Click “Network and Security” then click “WiFi
  9. Now click “Manage networks
  10. You can click on “Add a new network” after that enter the name of the network
  11. Using the drop-down menu, select “network security type
  12. Check the “Auto connect” option
  13. Check the “Connect” option, even if the network is not on broadcast choice and click on “Save“.

Of course, once you completed all of the above steps, then whenever your device is within the range of that particular network means it will be connected automatically and no need to connect your devices manually for each time.

In addition, you may want to verify that both your modem/router does not have a limitation on the number of devices that can be connected at the same time (they have that option in most cases) as well as your ISPI. I believe I have been successful to solve your problem. Moreover, if you want to get a WiFi password from your computer or change the WiFi password for Windstream then you can refer and follow our previous articles so far.


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