How to Instagram Post from Computer

How to Instagram Post from Computer

Let’s be honest, and admit we all love the big screen. If it’s a new movie you prefer watching it in a theatre than watching it on your phone or your PC. In case you buy a new phone, you want a bigger screen. Of course, If you buy a Television, you buy a bigger screen. No matter what you want to get, you always wish a bigger screen. In the world full of Instagram posts and filters, we want to view the posts in the higher resolution and on a bigger screen. Additionally, peoples used to make a facebook business page to Instagram. so that Instagram is a very popular social media network after Facebook so far.

And personally, even I have hardly used WhatsApp or Instagram on the phone, once I used it on a PC. The only thing that bothered me a lot while using Instagram on PC is that, although I could view posts and scroll through them easily, posting content was a headache! So, I went through the tough research part and found out the easiest way to post through computer and that way I didn’t have to turn to my phone whenever I needed to post something.

Also, as a fashion model, my shoot pictures were all very high resolution, which came up to eating half my phone’s space. Once I realized that posting through PC wasn’t a tough job. I’ve been posting my content only through a PC. If you are seeking the secret to start posting from your computer, then cool you came to the right place.

4 Simple steps that help Instagram Post from your Computer

Posting through PC is a simple 4 step process. But it comes with a limitation of no filters, no multiple posts, and no tagging on photos. However, you can tag people in the comment section. If you want to delete Instagram messages, then you can refer my previous article.

Here is good news for computer lovers. of course, the below step guide to how to easily post Instagram posts for your Computer.

First Step: The first thing is you need to have a modern browser installed on your PC such as Google Chrome, using the same login to your Instagram account.

Second Step: Click on the triple-dot icon on the right corner and select more tools, a list of tools will appear, choose developer tools.

Third Step: A lot of coding will appear in the right section of the PC, ignore all of it, there will be an icon of a phone and a tablet, click on it. Your desktop view of Instagram will be converted to a mobile view.

Step four: Click on the camera icon on top to post pictures on Instagram through a PC.

Conclusion: Instagram post on your PC

And la la la, you are ready to post your first content through PC and trust me once you have it’s a long way back to posting again in the old school way of using your phone. Although Instagram is a mobile application and gives you all the features on mobile. You can use it to post content that you might worry about taking away a lot of space from your phone, using a PC. However, there is no feature that allows you to chat on Instagram. so you will have to use your phone for the same. But for uploading professional photos or videos that are really high resolution and might make your phone lag every now and then, working through PC is the best option.


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