How to Link Facebook Business Page to Instagram with Mobile/PC

how to link Facebook business page to Instagram

Being able to share a lot of visual content helps to gather up a lot of engagement. People respond to the visual assets posted on social media which in turn helps out online marketers for promotional content. One of the best ways to enhance growth is by linking Instagram to Facebook.

Facebook business page along with Instagram helps up to increase the eyes on the visual asset. It is easy and is opted by more than 70% of online marketers. Sharing the content with your company Facebook page instead of your personal profile is a matter of changing a few settings. Not much it only requires a few simple steps.

It is a great way to advertise your data to potential clients connected on multiple platforms at the same time. With minimal efforts on your side, you get engagements from multiple sources. Linking social media makes it much easier to manage the accounts together. It also does make sense to link the two platforms as they come under the same ownership.



1. Open the Instagram profile section:

Start with your Instagram account, click on the three horizontal lines on the top right corner in the profile section.

2. Open Settings:

Tap on the gear icon it will take you to the settings section.

3. Link your facebook account:

Tap your Account first then, tap Linked Accounts and then select Facebook.

If you haven’t already log in using your login information.

4. Choose where to Share:

After logging in to your account Instagram allows you to choose where you want to share the content. You can select from your personal profile to all the pages you manage. By default, it is linked to your personal profile.

5. Share responsibly:

If you are using your Instagram to share both personal and professional work, don’t forget to modify the settings each time you are posting for personal and business accounts.


1. Go to your Facebook page:

On your Facebook profile, go to the home of the page you want to integrate your Instagram with.

2. Go to settings tab:

On the top bar of your page click on the settings tab on the top right.

3. Select Instagram and log in to your Instagram account:

On the Instagram panel, login with your credentials or add an account.

4.Connect a different account / Disconnect your Instagram account:

In case you want to change the account you have connected to Facebook. It will show you an option to Disconnect the current account. Then repeat the process suggested in the third point.

An important Note:

You can have a number of facebook pages which are connected to different Instagram accounts. Take care while sharing your information while multitasking.

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