How to Make a Shortcut To a Website in Desktop

How to Make a Shortcut To a Website in windows desktop

There are times when we get to work or visit a certain website frequently, and it would make life simpler if there is a direct shortcut to getting to that site. This is indeed possible and can be done in a few steps. We just have to generate a desktop icon that can take us directly to the website using the browser that we used while creating it.

You can make shortcuts to any kind of websites, be it e-commerce, social media or a personal blog. There are multiple ways of creating desktop shortcuts and you can choose any of them flexibly. You can also create a quick launch icon easily by dragging the shortcut to the Windows taskbar.

Method 1: How to Make a Shortcut To a Website

Follow these simple steps guide to make a website shortcut easily on your computer/laptop windows desktop systems: –

1. Open your desired website in any browser:

Open your favorite web browser in windows after that entered your desired website and visit in which site you want to make the shortcut on the desktop.

2.Copy address from the address bar:

Copy the web address located in the address bar of your browser.

3.Minimize browser and go to desktop:

Right-click anywhere on your desktop, select New and choose Shortcut.

4.Paste the web address:

On the location bar, paste the address copied from the address bar of the browser.

5.Select Next.

After pasting the address, select Next.

 6. Name your Shortcut:

Give a name to your shortcut.

7.Select Finish.

After all, completed, then in the last step, select Finish.

Method 2: Create a webpage shortcut in windows desktop 

Follow these simple steps guide:-

1. Open your desired website in any browser:

At first, Open your web browser window, then place your desired website URL address here. Next, visit the site in which site you want to create a desktop shortcut on windows.

2.Minimize browser window:

Minimize the browser window so that you can see both your desktop and the browser window in which the site is opened.

3.Navigate cursor to the left side of the address bar:

Left-click and continue to hold the icon placed just left to the address bar. Drag this icon to the desktop and a shortcut will get created.

4.Rename shortcut:

Rename the shortcut’s text description accordingly so that you don’t get it confused with other shortcuts.

Method 3: How to add a website desktop shortcut

Follow these simple steps guide to how to add a website shortcut on your Windows desktop: –

1. Open your desired website in any browser:

Open any browser first then enter the site address you want to add a desktop shortcut in your windows.

2.Navigate and click on three vertical dot icon:

Navigate cursor to the right side from the address bar, click on the three vertical dots icon and you will see a dropdown.

3. Click More Tools option:

Navigate to the More Tools option from the dropdown and you will see another floating menu to select from.

4.Click Create Shortcut option:

Opt for the create shortcut option.

5. Name the shortcut:

Edit name for the shortcut to the website.

6.Hit Create:

On hitting the create button you will have a shortcut on the desktop of your computer.

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