how to find IP address of website

Tips on how to find IP address of website

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IP Address::

It is abbreviated as Internet Protocol Address.


It is a set of numbers isolated by full stops that distinguishes every PC utilizing the Internet Protocol to connect over with a system.

Tricks on How to find the IP Address of any Web sites on the internet?

Although this may be true, every network will have an IP Address with it including our mobile phones, systems, websites, and many more in present daily life.

If you want to find an IP Address of any kind of website then there are many ways to do achieve this.

In fact, they are many websites which give you the IP address of any site by entering the domain. By the way, some example IP address finder sites are listed below.





Let’s take the first one

Perform simple steps and Find the IP Address by using

Step1: At first go to the site by clicking the link given above. The site will appear as below image.

check ip address trace for any website

Step2: Moreover you can a search box marked with “The Website in question”. Next click on that box to edit and enter the site to find it’s IP Address.

Step3: Of course you will get IP address within seconds on the screen.

So Let’s see the next website.

Easy steps to Finding the IP Address via

This site( helps you to know your IP Address:

Follow these steps:

Step1: Click the link above to enter the site and it looks like as the below image.

find the ip address of website

Step2: After Clicking the link then you can directly see your IPv6&IPv4 on the screen along with your location.

Trace IP Address using Command Prompt

Notably, there is also another way of finding the IP address of a site using Command Prompt.

Follow these steps::

Step1: After opening the command prompt, just input your keyboard named for “tracert”  before the website domain as below.


Step2: After that, it says “tracing route to and (IP address will be here.)

Versions of the Internet Protocol::

In generally Internet Protocol Version is two types IPv4 and IPv6.

  • IPv4 refers to 32-bit number IP address.
  • IPv6 refers 128-bit number IP Address.. (from 1995)

Tips to Changing the IP Address::

In fact, you can change your IP Address by the usage of some VPN(Virtual Private Networks) which changes your location all over the world.

Similarly, there are few websites which help to change your IP Address

For example like

In this site, it costs you from 6.67$ per month.

Other Tools::

Here is another tool which I did mention above. so that is

Additionally, This site has many options like Email Branding, URL to IP(Website IP Address), etc

The below photo describes the options available.

other internet finder tools

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