how to get information about particular domain

find who is lookup

if you want to know about particular domain details such as website’s owner name, email address, phone number, contact details, IP address, IP location then this article will help you.

How to find Domain details in Online?

If you want to find domain information then there are lots of online domain lookup tools are available. These tools are using especially WHO IS protocol.

WHOIS  Protocol

In Fact WHOIS Protocol it provides information about domains. In additionally this protocol is very useful to find website information, domain details and IP addresses.At finally here there are lots and lots of websites to find the result of information about a domain.Anyhow I would like to recommend to

it will give complete information about a particular domain for the following details:-

  • Email
  • registrants
  • Organization
  • Registrar Email
  • Registrar Status
  • Dates
  • Created on
  • Expires on
  • Updated on
  • Name Server(s)
  • IP Address
  • IP Location
  • Domain Status
  • Who is History
  • IP History
  • Registrar History
  • Hosting History
  • Who is Server
  • Website Title
  •  Server Type
  • Response Code
  • SEO Score
  • Terms
  • Images
  • Links

Step 1:

At first open your web browser for the following link below:-

find who is lookup

Step 2:

After that enter your domain or IP address in the search box.

To search domain in who is lookup

Step 3:

At finally it will show the WHOis Record to you mention the domain name.

provides information about domain



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