Best way how to install fonts in Photoshop

how to install fonts in Photoshop

We all are known that Photoshop normally used for interactive design and editing the is designed for creative possibilities as well as impossibilities in every manner, yeah of course here you can design with various text effects and used for an unlimited system built-in fonts so far. Sometimes if you feel that default fonts are not much attractive, and you need to some other third-party fonts you want to sync and make attractive text effects then exactly this article defines how to install and use external fonts in any versions of photoshop. There are a lot of possible solutions found to import your favorite fonts on your windows systems. So, let we discuss the step by step instructions setting up fonts in photoshop so far.

Steps to how to Install Different Kinds of Fonts in Photoshop on Windows System

1. Download desired fonts for your system

The first thing is choosing your desired fonts that can be directly downloaded from your windows systems. Generally, fonts are available for both freeware and license. So that your favorite font files are free then its good news for you. otherwise, you can purchase those font libraries.

2. Save the Fonts in your desired location

The second thing is once browser downloaded fonts you can save from the specified location. Because if you take the backup of your font folders early then there is no need to download again.

3.Extract the downloaded fonts in the same location

Notably when you downloaded entire font files then it will be downloaded by ZIP/RAR folder. So that if you need to access fonts then extract that files in the same location.

4.Add/Install Fonts for your system

After extracting all fonts then its time to installing your desired fonts for your systems. Next, you can right-click on your fonts and click the “Install” option here. Afterward, windows systems take some little bit time to install this new font on your system. Afterall completed then restart your system.

5.Ensure Fonts are installed in Photoshop

Finally, you can look back added font are affected in your photoshop application. So that run on your photoshop software first. After that simply press CTRL+N to create a new document. In addition, press “T” on your keyboard or click the toolbar Text selection. Next, type any letters or number here. Moreover, highlight your text and go to the font properties in photoshop after that select your installed font now. however, make sure once if u feel differences in text style when changing this new font.

Quick Tips: No font install option on your windows explorer?

Sometimes when we right-click the font file then there is “Install” option does not show in windows systems. For this kind of cases, you directly go to the control panel and add fonts manually.

Following instructions clearly shows how to add external fonts in the control panel.

  • In the Start menu search bar, you can type “control panel” as well as click on it.
  • Click the “Fonts” option belongs to the windows option for “Appearance and Personalization“.
  • Hereafter it shows the list of system default fonts. Next, you can right-click and choose the “Install New Font” option here.
  • Next, go to the fonts folder browse and select your desired fonts then click ok button.

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