Tips on How to Convert Voice Recording to Text Online

How to Convert Voice Recording to Text Online

Converting voice recording to text online is something which we all need to do at some point in time. There could be various reasons for converting voice recordings to text online like preparing notes for an interview, preparing a script for filming a video, preparing notes for an exam. Basically, it could be anything, therefore, you should know some methods to convert speech to text like:-

How to Convert Voice Recording to Text Online?

Bear File Converter, a famous Baidu speech recognition engine that can easily convert an audio text if it is clear and without too much noise. However, don’t try to convert MP3 song files to the text as you may not get the desired result with this software. In fact, for better results try 360 converter that is easy to use and supports both audios as well as video format. The converted file could be downloaded in PDF and word format.

For people who always need such services, Sobolsoft would be the best software as it has no time limitation for MP3-to-text conversion and can convert multiple files. Though, you need to purchase it for regular use. A free trial version is also provided to check the efficiency. Then you have InqScribe which is considered as the number one digital transcription software. Using it, you can even convert full-length movies to text.

It gives a lot of options like font scheme selection, transcription of the width selection and word count. You can even set up the frame rates based on audio inputs. In short, you can set up the text on the exact frame of the video. You can even insert snippet variables for dropping frequently used text in the video. And, it is very user-friendly as it comes with a really good instruction manual.

In case, you want to try apps instead of software’s then go for some standard speech-to-text apps like, “Speechnotes” an app which is fast and extremely accurate. Though, most of these apps can only take notes separately and cannot join the text in a single video source. Thus, you require software for converting an mp3, video files and other media files. If you are looking for a cheap resource then go for LightRoom which is used by many YouTubers also. Though, keep in mind that no software gives the guarantee of 100 percent accuracy. So, choose wisely and start converting your audio to text.

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