All You Need To Know About How To Create Srt File

how to create srt file

So, Here we go with the creation of .srt files.

How to create .srt files?

Just, you have to follow these below steps::

To create a file in .srt format, go through the steps below.

1} Take a new file on the notes, windows note pad, etc..

2}Give numbering to every line of 1,2,3……..

3}Now, enter the duration of the caption to display in a format like 00:00:00:000(Hours: Minutes: Seconds: Milliseconds)

Give it as for example,

00:00:00:000 to 00:01:09:668

Then, that set of the line appears only that duration.

4} After that, begin inserting your captions without any errors.

5} Make sure that the captions are written are not so long.. Medium sizes are preferable to appear neat on the screen.

6}Also better check the captioning guidelines complaint.

7} Give two-lines spaces between each sequence by pressing “Enter” twice.

8} Like-wise continues up to to the video length and check and recheck the duration is correct.

9}After completion, Save the file by clicking on the Save tab.

10}Name the file whatever you want, but you must add “.srt” extension at the end of your file name…It indicates the format of the file which is very important here.

11} Finally, Hit the save button and that’s it you are done with the new srt file.

The Text Encoding::

The encoding of text will be like the following description::

  • SubRip’s default yield encoding is arranged as Windows-1252. Notwithstanding, yield alternatives are additionally given for some, Windows code pages also Unicode encodings, for example, UTF-8 and UTF-16, with or without Byte Order Mark (BOM). In this way, there’s no accepted character encoding standard for .srt documents, which implies that any SubRip record parser must endeavor to utilize Charset recognition. Unicode Byte Order Mark (BOM) ordinarily used to help discovery.
  • SRT document is the very simplest format to make your own inscriptions.
  • The compatibility of these SubRip Subtitle file(SRT) with various video/media capturing platforms is always good.
  • Some popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube also used this.

Due to these SRT documents,

They are some benefits which are below:

These SRT files give you massive SEO benefits.

  • They have listed by Search Engines and become crawlable. All the watchword expresses in your video become accessible. It encourages you to appear in more inquiries. This will greatly affect your traffic
  • In fact, SRT records are plain content archives that contain video captions and timings. Moreover, VideoLAN, or VLC, is open-source sight and sound programming that can playback recordings and their related SRT documents. On the off chance that the record names for the video and the SRT document don’t coordinate, if the caption track is crippled or if the program doesn’t bolster the right encoding, VLC media player won’t show captions while playing the video.

So finally, SRT files are really good for getting more traffic.


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  1. SRT files are really important to get more traffic on websites. This is the best guide for those who don’t know how to create srt file. I was also not knowing so, thanks for the helpful article.


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