The Truth About How To Get WiFi Password From PC Is About To Be Revealed

How To Get WiFi Password From PC

Usually, we may forget our wifi passwords and it will be a little bit difficult to remember the strong passwords. Once if you are connected to a wifi network, next time it automatically connects without asking the password. That means our PC saves the password in it in an encrypted way. It won’t be visible generally. If we change the password of the wifi network, it shows an authentication problem which means the password is incorrect. In smartphones, it requires root access to extract saved wifi passwords, but in PC no need and it’s quite simple.

How to/extract wifi password from PC?

Here are steps to extract the wifi password from your Windows 10 PC.

Step1: Click on the windows button on the left-bottom corner which pops up the options.

Step2: Select the “Settings” tab which is above the power tab.

Step3: Choose “Network and Internet” which is with a globe icon.

Step4: Now, In related Settings, select “Change Adapter Options”.

Step5: You can see the live connected WI-FI network in the new tab named network connections.

Step6: Click Right Mouse Button on the connected wifi network which displays a few options.

Step7: Choose “Status” in the third position and open it.

Step8: You can the Speed, Quality & Duration of the connected wifi network and select “Wireless Properties” which is quite below.

Step9: Click on the “Security” tab which is behind the connections.

Step10: Now, tick the “Show Characters” key below the Network Security Key (Password) which shows the password.

How to get WIFI Password on windows 8,7& below versions:

If you want to get the WIFI password for windows 8,7 and below, then you need to right-click on the wifi icon (right bottom corner) and click the  Open Network and Sharing Center control panel link after that you can follow into the previous step4 to step 10.

How to get passwords of previously connected wifi networks:

And if you need to view the password of previously connected wifi networks, you have to select “Manage Wireless Networks” after opening  “Network And Sharing Center”.

Then select the network of which you need the password and follow from Step9.

Third-Party Applications:

You can also find wifi passwords by using third-party tools like WirelessKeyView(NirSoft’s).

You can use and download that below link:-

Extracting other’s WiFi passwords:

In addition, You can hack the other’s wifi network key by using many hacking tools.

For Example- Cain And Abel

Get the secret phrase of different systems and interface your PC to that WiFi arrange by using Cain and Abel which is the best WiFi programmer for you. It does not just permit hacking the WiFi systems of others, yet additionally permits recording VoIP discussions, getting reserve information, deciphering mixed passwords. In the event that you are not an Ethical hacker, even though you can likewise get hold of the directing conventions. It works with all kinds of  Windows systems so far.

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