how to remove shortcut virus from pc and pen drive

To remove shortcut virus for PC and pen drive

Sometimes you are connect pen drive or SD card in another computer for some purposes. After a switch pen drive on your PC, then Shortcut virus created on your system.

Shortcut Virus are eventually created and collapse whole system performance

Then it will create all files and folders as shortcuts.

At the same time, if your system, anti-virus ignore or unable to remove this kind of shortcut virus then you can follow these steps below

Shortcut virus remover tool:-

Some software tools that help to remove shortcut virus completely on your PC and Pen-drives.

here i have suggested one shortcut virus removal tool named  “Shortcut Virus Remover“. it helps to remove shortcut virus and improve system performance.

Shortcut Virus Remover download here on that following links :-

Shortcut Virus Remover helps to remove shortcut virus from PC and Pen-drives

After download completed, then extract and install “Shortcut Virus Remover” on your system.

Extract and Install Shortcut Virus Remover

After all Installation completed, then run “Shortcut Virus Remover

run on your shortcut virus remover

Then Put your virus infected Pen drive letter or Drive Letter (if you don’t know your driver letter means go to my computer check and make sure you’re already specified drive letter)

Put into drive letter on shortcut virus remover

After all completed, then click “Clean Virus” button.

In shortcut Virus cleaner clean virus button


finally shortcut virus has removed from your specified drive

unwanted shortcut virus removed on system

Remove shortcut virus using command prompt

The command prompt is one of the easy way to remove unwanted shortcut virus without any third-party softwares and tools. The following steps help to remove shortcut virus through command prompt.

Step 1:

Start menu-> search -> “cmd”  or else press Window key+R

start command prompt Window+R

Step 2:

Then run your command prompt and make sure once on your computer drive name

To run command prompt on system

Step 3:

Type attrib e:*.* /d /s -h -r -s. Here e: is my drive name. based on your driver you change this.

select drive name then type code for command prompt

that’s it ! even more command prompt started to remove shortcut virus on your drive

Also some other tools are available to remove shortcut virus on your PC

Here is the links :-






  1. Connect your Pendrive to your system.

    Launch the Command Prompt application.

    Make sure to launch the Command Prompt application with administrator rights.

    Now, type your pendrive’s letter in the cmd window.

    Tap the Enter button on your system keyboard.

    Now, enter the del *.Ink command. Press Enter

    Next, type attrib -s -r -h *.* /s.d

    Tap Enter. Now the shortcut virus will be removed from your Pendrive.


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