how to create a graph in excel file

Learn about how to create a graph in excel document

Actually, MS Excel is widely used to create graphs. even though it has many disadvantages with it. Apart from that, Excel has some great benefits when we use it to create graphs. It’s anything but difficult to make diagrams and charts in Excel. Particularly you can store your information straightforwardly in an Excel Workbook, as opposed to bringing in information from another program. It additionally has an assortment of graph and chart types. You can select one that best shows the information you need to feature.

Easy way how to prepare/ create a graph in Microsoft Excel?

So, the steps create an idea that how to use excel while making a graph

Step1: At first Open the “Excel” on your PC which is with the icon “X” over it.

Step2: Then choose the first most “Blank Workbook”(white box) tab which is on the left side.

Step3: Now, select the type of graph which you are going to consider. Choose the best one which perfectly suits your data.

They are three types of graphs basically that are Bar graph, Line graph, and Pie graph.

Step4: By leaving the first cell, insert your graph’s headers in the second and third cells (on the top of the spreadsheet and directing towards the right side) which looks good and neat.

Step5: Moreover, Insert the graph labels on the left side rows. They will be heading towards downward.

Step6: Enter the data of your graph between the rows and columns. Better use “Tab” key to go to the next cell.

Step7: Now, select the whole text(Including Data, labels, and headers) and click the “Insert” tab which is at the top-left of the screen.

Step8: Here you can change the visual appearance of your graph by selecting from “Charts” and can choose any one of those nine types of graphs.

Step9: You can change the dimensions of your rows and columns or both from where it opens a drop-down menu with various models after selecting the type.

Step10: Replace the Chart Text which is at the top of the graph chart with your graph’s title which you are going to name it.

Step11: Ultimately, save the graph document by click on the “File” and “Save As”.. Choose the location of your document and rename it.

Benefits of Excel Graphs::

Notably, there are various types of graphs which resemble their own and unique advantage.

  • Identically proportions are simply compared to one another by using “Pie Charts”.
  • On the other hand, Trends are shown by using the “Line Charts”.

Disadvantages of using excel to create graphs::

  • Important to realize that excel is weakly encrypted and chances to the corruption of files and fraud.
  • It’s particularly not easy to troubleshoot the Excel files.
  • In Excel, consolidation is a slow process.
  • It is not fit to make quick business decisions.

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