Quick tips for how to add subtitles to YouTube video

how to add subtitles to YouTube video

Notably, YouTube is broadly being utilized in the present technology. It’s an extraordinary place for content-rich individuals to make money on the web.

If you are with a YouTube channel, then you will get profited by experiencing this.

How to include/add captions(subtitles) to a YouTube video?

Method 1::


Go Through With The Below Steps:

1》First of all, Sign in to your YouTube channel and select “My Channel“.

2》Then, Open “Video Manager” entirely belongs here.

3》You can see the recordings which you have uploaded. Click on “Edit” button.

4》Choose “Subtitles&CC” and wait for a while.

5》Now, select “Create New Subtitles&CC” and write your subtitles.

6》Finally hit on the “Publish” icon after inserting subtitles in respective columns.

However, it’s a difficult task to stop/play the video to include captions any place you need.

But after adding one language, it’s so easy to insert/translate other words too.

• People can likewise contribute captions in different languages.
• Of course, they’ll do it for free of cost.


Method 2::(Easy)


You can also go with another technique with quite more comfortable than the above one.
So, without wasting time, let’s go for it.

After selecting “Create New Subtitles&CC “in the above 5th step, you directly redirected with the video editing page.

》In YouTube’s video editing interface, Above the transcript, you will see two tabs as “Actions” and “Auto translate“.

》Select “Auto translate” option here.

Your video will get subtitles instantly, which are detected by the voice recognition, and the columns will get filled.

But, we can’t all subtitles are fair and correct!. They may auto-corrected/unrecognized/missed anything else.
So, you have to check and “Edit” the auto-filled” subtitles and correct them.

I prefer the second method because if we lucky enough and recorded the voice of the video with a good quality mic, we will get most of the subtitles perfect.

☆Tricks And Tips☆


Here are some tricks and tips/hacks to develop traffic on your YouTube Channel

》Make a Quality-Attractive and Click-Worthy Thumbnails《

》Initially boost your traffic by backlinking your video on various social media 《

》Everything starts from zero. So, don’t get dejected on your subscriber count. It will automatically begin to grow after getting excellent counted views to your videos《

》Make short and sweet Intros and Outros for your videos《

Note:: No need for creating new intros for every video. It is a bad idea to waste your time.

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