The best way of how to add a link to YouTube videos

how to add a link to YouTube videos

First, we are going to know the definition of Embedded Videos?

  • They refer to the combination of links, gifs, images, videos, and other things into the web and social media.
  • They encourage the increased click-through great attraction and engagement.

How to add links to your YouTube Videos/How to Embed Videos on YouTube?

Obey the below steps::

  1. Open in your web browser and sign in with your Gmail/YouTube account. (Better login using Google Chrome by ticking blue on “Request Desktop View” in the options.)
  2. Click the menu button after your username on the top, right corner of the screen and then click “My Videos.
  3. After that, choose the video which is going to get added by a link.
  4. Identically here you can see “Edit Annotations” on the top of the toolbar. Select that to go-ahead
  5. Moreover, Replace the link containing box on the video wherever you want. Better not to increase the slider size and paste the link at corners and edges
  6. To insert annotation then, click on “Add annotation” menu and select an annotation type to add. Various annotations (Spotlight, Speech bubble) all support linking.
  7. Long-Hold and drop the annotation box to wherever you want the link to display on the screen.
  8. Paste the matter in the edit column which is going to stick on the notation. Below the editing column, there are few options which allow you to make changes in the appearance of the text like font size, style, color, etc..
  9. Click the “Link” option next.
  10. Select the “Menu,” which slightly right side to the link box.
  11. Here, choose which type of link you are going to attach to the video.
  12. Inset the link which you want to add in the box beneath to the menu.
  13. Finally ~Hit the “Publish” button which is on the top of the screen.


  • The annotations editor will decline the links which are not from YouTube.
  • Of course, Annotations will not support on the mobile version of YouTube. So, better click on “Request Desktop Version” in the Google chrome options tab to get PC view in mobile.
  • Embedded videos(Videos containing integrated links) can do enchantment for any site whenever upgraded appropriately. These videos can work for your site just as your YouTube channel. By Embedding videos and utilizing YouTube as the host will boost-up your reach greatly on search engines, and you will get added content to rank. YouTube has a more traffic-building capacity to the site, so inserting YouTube videos will positively expand the traffic to the site.


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