Tips on how to download all my photos from Facebook

how to download all my photos from Facebook

Facebook is one of the best and oldest social networking site, where we can share and post photos, videos and chat with people all over the world. Most of the people post very many photos on Facebook which are downloadable by the public. We can download a single photo simply just by selecting options and hitting the download button.

What if we have uploaded many pictures and now we have to download them all at once?… That sounds very difficult to get all data’s on FB. But fortunately,  this will possible in your Facebook account kindly Check out the below steps…

3 Methods for How to download all my photos from Facebook and save your time

Are you annoying your FB uploaded photos download by one by one?  Of course, don’t worry! The below three methods help to download your images and videos on facebook with a single click so far.

Method 1: (Download all of your Facebook uploaded photos and Videos)

Step1: At the end of the signed-in Facebook page, you can see the “settings” tab on that “settings” option Or directly go to the URL here.

Step2: Open the “General Account Settings” which will be at the first.

Step3: It displays your account information and you can notice “Download a copy of your Facebook data” which is beneath to the Manage Account option.

Step4: It opens up a new tab which shows a green-colored tab as “Start My Archive”. You can select that button now. Note: You need to enter the password for verification and when your data’s archive is ready, then you will be notified with a mail to your registered Gmail account. It just takes a few moments to complete this process.

Step5: Click on the link provided in the mail that you received to download your whole Facebook data and the size of the data depends on the number of photos and you have uploaded.

Method 2:(Backup your facebook photos)

In this method, we are going to use a tool named IDrive.

IDrive is a backup service just like Google Cloud.

It has a feature of backing-up social media data easily You can save a copy of your whole data locally or sync to IDrive.

The steps are below which are describing the usage of IDrive.

Step1: First of all, Sign up to the IDrive and create an account.

Step2: After creating, you can see a list of options on the left side. Choose and Select “Social Data Backup” tab.

Step3: It will show “Facebook backup “ and “Instagram Backup”. Choose the first one that is Facebook backup( You can also backup your Instagram Data)

Step4: You can continue to your Facebook account by logging in..

Step5: Wait for few seconds for the process of extraction.

Step6: Now, You can select the folders of your photos and videos which you want to download (select all folders if you want all).

Step7: Click on the downward arrow button (Download tab) which is above your folders. after that, the download will be started here. Don’t forget the thing that IDrive gives only 5GB for free ( I think it’s enough and tallies with Facebook data size). if you are not enough that disk storage then you can upgrade and get more disk space for your IDrive.

Method 3:(download all media items from facebook)

1) You need to download an extension named “DownAlbum” from Google Chrome Store(Chrome web store).

2) After that, log in to your Facebook account and click on the DownAlbum icon on the right bar (besides search box) after opening the album or Facebook page.

3) Then, finally, give the command “Control + S”(Ctrl+S) to download your Facebook media.

Finally, I hope that the above methods help download all your media photos from Facebook easily.

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