Can you block someone from emailing you on Gmail Account?

Can you block someone from emailing you on Gmail Account

Sometimes you are receiving a lot of unwanted emails from your Gmail account. So that you can consider and mark this kind of junk emails as spam. Identically it’s not enough to stop that spam emails completely. Of course, there is a chance to junk emails may be coming to your inbox again. Google system doesn’t get too smart to stop those irritating junk mails. On the other hand, are you want to block someone from continuously emailing for your Gmail account then you can follow this simple guide to block permanently junk emails as well as specified email id?

A quick guide to blocking someone on your Gmail: –

Step 1: – At first log in with your email account and provided for correct username and password.

gmail login and signup page

Step 2: – Next open that email conversation in which email you want to stop forever.

gmail inbox conversation email page

Step 3: – Click the three dotted line top right of the sender name and email address.

Step 4: – Choose the option Block<Sender Name> under that popup list.

block the sender email address

Step 5: –  After that confirmation dialogue box is appeared here. So, you can press the “Block” button.

block option confirmation in gmail

As a result, in future, you will no longer to able receive emails for that person.

In case if you change the mind then anytime, you can able to unblock that person and making a surprise to his/her.

Steps to unblock someone from your Gmail: –

Step 1: – Make sure once again, you logged with your Gmail account.

Step 2: – In the Top right corner, click the gear settings icon.

Step 3: – Choose the option named “Settings”.

Step 4: – Next find and click the option ” Filters and Blocked Addresses”.

gmail settings filters and vlocked addresses option

Step 5: – After that list of blocked email ids are shows here. Select the email sender address and click the “Unblock” button whatever Email-ID you want to reinstate again.

unblock the blocked email addresses in gmail

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