How to view archived messages on Facebook messenger in PC/Mobile

how to view archived messages on facebook messenger

Archived messages: archived messages is that those messages that you choose to hide from the visible conversations. It is a great way to protect your privacy or hide some crucial or confidential texts.

Now, archived messages on Facebook messenger can viewed differently on your phone or pc device. Also, there’s a different way to see them on an app or the website.

Steps to be followed to view your Facebook archived messages on desktop (computer or laptop):


Open Facebook Messenger

  • Enter in the URL box and press enter button for your keyboard. After that, The Facebook login page will appear.

Enter your details

  • Enter your email address or phone number that associated with your Facebook account.
  • Then, enter the password you set up for the same account and click on the login button. The home page of your account will appear.

Open Facebook Messenger

  • Next, click on the message icon in the top of the page and then click on (see all in messenger) option at the bottom of the dialogue box that appeared. The list of your conversations will appear here.

Click on settings

  • Afterward, Next step is to click on the Settings icon appearing beside the chats option. Moreover, a dialogue box with different options will show here.

Select archived threads option

  • From the dialogue box that appeared, click on archived threads option.
  • All your archived chats will appear on your desktop screen.

Steps to be followed to view your archived messages on the phone:

  • You can’t browse your archived chats on your mobile phone
  • You can view any archived conversation by explicitly searching for it, but you can’t open a list of archived message conversations on your phone.

Open Facebook Messenger app

  • The first step is to locate and open the Facebook messenger app on your phone.
  • In case you’re not logged in, you’ll need to enter the phone number or email address connected to your Facebook account along with the password that you set up.

Tap the search bar

  • The home page of your Facebook messenger with all the conversations must be appearing on your mobile screen. Tap on the search menu on the top of the page.

Enter the name of the person

  • Now enter the name of the person you desire to see your conversation with earlier. Any archived or non-archived chat will appear in this way.
  • If you want to view the list of the archived chats, you should probably browse than using a mobile app. But, if you simply want to see any conversation with a particular person, FB messenger app is an easy and quick way for that.


  1. Really great tips to view archived messages in your laptop thanks for this informative blog and i suggest one request to plz add one screenshot to your blog thanks once again.


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