Tips for How to friend someone on Facebook(FB)

how to friend someone on Facebook(FB)

Hello Folks, are you confused about how to make someone friend you saw/met somewhere & you don’t know where he/she is from, then don’t worry! I’ll tell you the perfect method of how you can do that! Just read this article till the end & I assure you, it’ll help you get the result of your choice! So let’s start!

Here’s some method on how to add someone as a friend on Facebook

  • First, find a person you want to add as a friend.
  • You can do that by searching for the respected person name in the search bar located on the top of the screen.
  • Then a list of profiles exists with the name you searched will appear in front of you.
  • Check every profile in case that person didn’t set original his/her profile picture on the account.
  • In this case, if you want to add that person’s right & original profile, in your friend list instead of a wrong & fake profile, then you must check the mutual friends of him/her & you.
  • Because if there’re some mutual friends exist then there’s the high probability that you’re adding that person’s right & original profile.
  • Once you found the original profile, send a friend request to him/her by clicking on the ‘Add friend‘ button.
  • Once he/she accepts your friend request you’ll become his/her friend. It’s that simple!

How to accept your frielinnd request for an unknown person on facebook

  • In the case, if you can’t find the profile of that person by searching for it, then don’t worry. There are still many ways to find him/her. Let me show the way you can follow on Facebook.
  • There’s always a mutual friend that exists in between you & another person. Send that mutual friend a friend request to add him to your friend list.
  • Once he/she(mutual friend) accepts your request then check his/her friend list & search for that person to add him/her as your friend, once you find his/her account, send a friend request to him/her by clicking on the ‘Add friend‘ button.
  • The next process is the same as I discussed before with you in the previous method.
  • Now, in case if he/she(mutual friend) hasn’t kept his/her ‘friend list‘ visible, don’t get sad, you can still find that person.
  • Check every post/photo of that mutual friend you added to find & add as a friend your special person.
  • Check every post’s likes & comment because there’s the high probability of liking & commenting on that special person on both of your mutual friends.
  • Once you find his/her like or comment on the post of your mutual friend open that person’s profile by clicking on his/her name & send him/her a friend request.
  • And if that mutual friend will be in the good books of your special person then there’s also a high probability that he/she will accept your friend request.
  • I hope now that you found this information quite good & it didn’t waste your precious time.


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