How to view saved passwords in internet explorer or EDGE

How to view saved passwords in internet explorer or EDGE

We save passwords in our browsers for the sake of convenience, in order that we have a tendency to don’t have to be compelled to keep in mind them whenever we have a tendency to visit an internet site.

Here’s how to view saved passwords in internet explorer using Credential manager

  • As a matter of fact, Internet Explorer uses the Credential manager. Other most used browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox have their own inherent managers, wherever you’ll realize all the saved passwords.
  • In case you wish to envision the saved passwords, you can carry out these steps depending on your web browser:
  • Like the different net browsers, you can save passwords in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 too. The Form-fill & Password Manager in Edge browser does not let you view the password but it let you manage them. You still have to use Credential Manager to see them. But to show or reveal the hidden password in the text instead of asterisks, stars or dots there is an easier way that will force your browser(any major browser) to show passwords. To show a saved password in Microsoft Edge, there are two ways. The first method works for Edge & Internet Explorer, where the second method works for most browsers like Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome & Firefox.

To show a password using Credential Manager

  • Credential Manager was built by Windows to store all the login details like usernames, passwords & Email-ID, etc. If the password saved in Microsoft Edge then you can find it in Credential Manager. To do this task open Credential Manager. You’ll find two categories named as Windows Credentials and Web Credentials. Now select Web Credentials. After that, you’ll find all the sites with saved username/email and secret too. Click on any of your favorite sites. Here, you’ll find a ‘Show’ button, click on it. After that, you have to enter your ‘Windows’ password. By this method, you can see any password.

Use ‘Inspect Element’ to reveal the password

  • This method works with almost every popular browser. You can use this method in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge on a specific website to see the saved password. Just open a login page of any site like Facebook or Gmail. Then, right-click on the password box and click on the ‘Inspect Element’ option. Here you’ll find an attribute named as type=“password” then double click on it, delete the word ‘password’ and then write ‘text’. After editing, it’ll look like as– “type=text”. Now, you’ll find that the password has been revealed in the form of text in that password box.


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