How to disable or turn off chrome password manager

How to disable or turn off chrome password manager

In the first place google chrome web browser is one of top most browser available on the internet. By default, when you are surfing the internet and want to signup or login for any other website, then you must provide username and password. Of course, if you enter your valid credentials on chrome then google asking to save your passwords. But if you feel that not interested to store passwords, then this article guide to turn off chrome password manager with step by step instructions. Notably, chrome browser built-in password manager involves saving your site URL, username as well as their appropriate password.

How to turn off chrome password manager in google browser

Step 1: First open your latest version of google chrome web browser. In case you are not using chrome then download this into that below official site link:-

official download page for google chrome browser

Step 2: Open your browser then click the three dotted line dotted line icon

toolbar belongs to that top right corner.

three dotted line top right menu

Step 3: Click the “Settings” option.

settings option in google chrome

Step 4: The new settings tab will open your browser after that find the autofill tab and choose the “Passwords” option.

passswords link chrome

Step 5: After all, it shows the list of saved passwords details and other google auto sign-in options.

saved passwords section

Step 6: Next click the toggle to Turn Off the “Offer to save passwords” here.

trun off offer to save passwords in chrome

That’s it here after Google chrome password manager doesn’t ask and saved your passwords so far.

How to disable google chrome saving passwords in Android

Step 1: At first open google chrome application for your Android smartphone or tablet device.

google chrome application homepage android

Step 2: Tap on three dotted lines belongs to your browser top right corner.

Step 3: Click the “Settings” option.

chrome app settings

Step 4: Next click the “Saved passwords” option, and you can turn off this option now.

chrome app settings page

sace passwords option in android chrome

turn off chrome save password feature in android


save password update prompt chrome

Passwords are one of the sensitive and secret information can handle in any places safely. It doesn’t matter when you are using google chrome in home or office, and the only thing is while you are surfing the internet to be safe your personal pieces of information carefully. I believe that the above steps for disable chrome password manager helpful your needs.

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