clear and reset browser settings and data's for Google chrome Mozilla Firefox Opera Mini Safari

How to clear and reset browser history, bookmarks and cookies

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At first, Web browser is the one of the most important things about using the Internet. Also, it can be monitored all kinds of Internet activities. If you search something on your web browser, then  it will be stored on your browser history.

if you login some other interactive websites, then your user name and password is able to save in your web browser(cookies). Additionally, web browser saved your websites after you can be able to view that website in off-line mode also.

Additionally browser provides default facilities for plug-ins or add-ons. so far of all Internet behaviors are measured by browser up to date.

On the other hand, web browser provides an option for to clear these history of web pages ,remove add-ons or plug-ins,  reset browser cache files and cookies. In some cases your browser can be affected by adware and malware or viruses then you must reset your browser is needed.

So In this article helps to all in one solution for how to remove browser cache, how to delete history and bookmarks and how to reset browser in all kinds of browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Opera mini and Safari.

how to remove history, bookmarks and cookies from chrome

Step 1:

Start your “Google Chrome web browser” first.

Step 2:

After that right click on the burger menu as per below image.

Google chrome burger menu bar

Step 3:

Then you can select history.

To select chrome history

Step 4:

After all completed, then it all shows the browser history details.

chrome history popup

Step 5:

At finally, you can click an option called “Clear browsing data“.

Chrome to clear the all browsing history

Step 6:

if you selected that option, then it will show some list of options as per image.

google "Clear browsing data" shows list of options

Step 7:

After that you can click that button called “Clear Browsing Data“.

button of google chrome "Clear Browsing Data"

Step 8:

That’s it, so your Google chrome history, bookmarks, passwords and other items will be cleaned.

how to reset chrome browser

If you want to restore default settings on your Google chrome then you can use these steps:-

Step 1:

Start->programs-> open your Google Chrome.

Step 2:

Now you go to the menu bar icon and click settings.

chrome browser settings menu

Step 3:

After that click advanced option now it will expand and shows some other advanced           option on your browser

google chrome advanced options

Google Chrome Restore settings

Step 4:

After click the option called “Reset“. So Now your Google chrome reset and load their default settings

Restore Google chrome browser settings

Google incognito window

Tips :

If you want to use this Internet without tracking activities like history and cookies, then Google incognito window is the best option for you.

How to start Google incognito window

Step 1:

At first right click on your Google chrome web browser.

Step 2:

After you can click the option called “New Incognito window“.

Incognito window on Google chrome

how to remove history, bookmarks and cookies from Mozilla Firefox

Step 1:

Open your Mozilla Firefox then click the burger menu and click the option icon.

Option Button in Mozilla Firefox burger menu

Step 2:

Now the new pop up will open as shown in image then you can click the Privacy Tab.

Click the privacy button on Mozilla Firefox Browser

Step 3:

You can click this link “clear your recent history“. After clicking this it will show the small pop-up then you can click “Clear Now” button.

Mozilla Firefox clear history and cookies

Step 4:

if you want to remove cookies, then go to the following selection. option->privacy -> remove individual cookies.

Cookies Remove in Mozilla Firefox

how to reset Mozilla Firefox

Step 1:

If you need to restore Mozilla Firefox then click on the burger menu first.

Step 2:

After then click on the “Open Help Menu(?) mark icon as shown on image below.

Mozilla Firefox "Open Help Menu"

Step 3:

Click on this open help menu (?) then it will show some list of options and you             click the “Troubleshooting Information” link.

Mozilla Firefox Troubleshooting Information Option

Step 4:

After that it will show a new tab and click “Refresh Firefox” button.

Reset Mozilla using "Refresh Firefox" Option


how to remove history, bookmarks and cookies from Opera Mini

Step 1:

At first you can run your opera mini web browser.

Step 2:

Next, click on Top of your Opera Menu Bar and click “Settings” option.

Menu bar in Opera Mini web browser

Step 3:

After that, go to the “Privacy & security” option on your opera mini web browser.

Opera Mini Privacy and security option

Step 4:

At finally you can click on “Clear browsing data” button under the privacy tab.

history and browsing data can clear using "Clear browsing data" option.

how to reset Opera Mini web Browser

If you want to reset your Opera mini then simply do with the following steps:-

Step 1:

Start your Opera browser menu then click on “About Opera” option.

opera mini browser click on about opera option

Step 2:

After completed then about page will open kindly noted that “cache path” as per image below.

locate this opera cache files on your system

Step 3:

After all find the specified path in your system and delete all files in this directory.

Remove opera mini web browser

Step 4:

At Finally Opera mini will restore default mode.

how to remove history, bookmarks,cookies from Safari

If you want to remove history, bookmarks, cookies, website icons, preview images, saved user names and passwords and remove all website data on your safari web browser then you can follow these steps below:-

Step 1:

At First up all run your Safari browser.

safari main page

Step 2:

You can select the  Settings Icon After that click on the “Reset Safari” option as per the image below.

Reset Safari web browser

Step 3:

After that it will show the small pop up box and list of options. By default, all options are selected suppose if you want to changes needed, then you can change the check box and click “Reset” button.

To reset safari using reset button



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