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Best file hider for PC

Sometimes if you needed to protect or hide folder windows in your system files and folders such as documents, pictures, videos and audio files etc. if you want to hide files and folders software for windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP then this article will help you.

Normally there are plenty of available online free file hide software for PC.

By default Windows system have an option to hide protected operating system files, hide folder windows 7/8/10.Windows system using attrib command for hidden files and attrib command to unhide files.

On the other hand, may be causing unwanted Adware and Malware in your system then it will affect your USB flash drives. so it will hide folders and files on your pen drive. we are thinking that system deleted computer files and folders. In a matter of fact, windows hide folder and files.

If you want to unhide files in USB then read that my previous article that helps to remove attrib hidden files virus.

Use this following Top 3 Free File and Folder Locker & best file hider for PC.

Best Top 3 software for hiding files and folders in pc

I have suggested this best software to hide folders that help to hide folder for pc.

1. Folder lock download for PC

free folder lock for windows 7

Folder lock is one of the best folder protection software and best folder locker for PC. it helps to protect as well as encrypt to all files and folders securely. Additionally, it will protect your system, portable devices like CD/DVD, USB flash drive, etc. Folder Lock software mainly focused and developed on AES Encryption.

If you want to download Folder lock then use this link:

2. WinMend Folder Hidden

WinMend Folder Hidden software download for PC

WinMend Folder Hidden software is completely Freeware hide folder for PC. it will help to quickly hide all system files and folders as well as working on into removable devices. The main feature of this software is file hide and unhide files and folders more quickly.

Whenever you want to hide files and folders then you can set the password.At Importantly WinMend Folder Hidden software hidden data’s are not accessed by other third party software and other operating systems.

If you want to download WinMend Folder Hidden then use this link:

3. Private Folder – hide and password protect folders

Private folder Software for hide and lock PC

Private folder is another one of freeware software to file hide and lock specified folder set with a password. Also, you can able to automatically reset the lock. The lock or hide applied for all users.

So no one can access without knowledge of other users. This software completely available and supported for both 32/64 bit Windows Operating Systems.

If you want to download Private Folder – hide and password protect folders then use this following link below:

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