How to remove unwanted Adware and Malware in your system

To remove unwanted ads, pop-ups and malware on computer and laptops

At this moment The INTERNET is important to everyone. Today I will suggest some unwanted adware and malware removal tool and extensions. In this world, there are plenty of worldwide business people are using the Internet for various purposes. so this kind of business Peoples of marketing and promoting our product using a platform called “Advertisement“.

Most common people one of the top most problems for using the Internet adware, malware, and virus. you are searching something what you needed in web browsers , but some of that website redirected by their advertisement page.most of the people are very frustrated for this kind of things.

Sometimes a third-party software’s are automatically downloaded and install our system without any prior notifications. so these kinds of things will be affected by your whole system performance and creating unwanted ads, pop-ups, malware & virus. The protection system is important to everybody. Finally, I can share some of useful ad removal software tools and extensions

unwanted ads in websites (Adwares)

Unwanted Malware websites

Unwanted Pop-ups shows on websites

Remove unwanted ads, pop-ups and malware on your computer

Adwcleaner is really helps to remove and cleanup ads , pop-ups and malwares on your computer


AdwCleaner is the best choice for computer users to remove unwanted adware and pop-ups. Additionally AdwCleaner is a free utility that can be able to remove all ads from your computer system. This utility helps to scan your full system and automatically remove unwanted ads, pop-ups and malware and boost to speed up on your web browser and computers.

AdwCleaner is available on the following links :-

AdwCleaner downloaded links


After download the AdwCleaner you can run the software just double-click on your mouse and click “Run” button

run your adwcleaner.exe - remove ads, pop-ups, malware and adware

After that click “Scan” button on your AdwCleaner

scan your adwcleaner.exe - remove ads, pop-ups and malware

Afterwards adwcleaner scan is processed it will scan and check your entire system

adwcleaner scanning process is started

Above all scan completed adwcleaner it will let know your system infected folders and files, invalid registry, malware and adware

AdwCleaner shows scan results on your system

Then click “Clean” button then adwcleaner precede all unwanted ads, malware, invalid registry entries and invalid extensions are removed automatically.

adwcleaner clean system therats ads and malwares

That’s it! Restart your computer

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

 Malwarebytes Anti-malware is one of best malware removal tool

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a perfect utility to clean up all threats in your computer. This is one of best adware and malware removal tools, On the other hand this is not freeware like adwcleaner if you want to use all functionalities of this software you can must buy this. another advantage of this software is eventually if you are using there is no need to use any special anti-virus softwares. it has the following functionalities:-

  • Anti-malware

  • Anti-ransomware

  • Anti-exploit

  • Malicious website protection

The following link below is available on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware  :-

Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware for the following link :

After download completed then please install this on your system.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Installation Setup

Install Malwarebytes AdwCleaner on your system

After installation completed to make sure check whether Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is up to date. Now you can click “Start Scan” option.

Click Start Scan"Button on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

The scan process this will take sometimes so please sit back and relax

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Start to Scan your full system

After that all scanning process will be completed  Anti-Malware it will show malwares and threats infected files

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner shows threats and malwares

Next you can select all files and click “Quarantine Selected” option

Now you can select all files and click Quarantine Selected option on your Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Finally Anti-Malware starting to clean up on your system to remove all malware infected files , viruses ,unwanted program files and registry keys

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is clean up all malware infected files , viruses ,unwanted program files and registry keys

After all completed then you can restart your computer

Remove unwanted ads and pop-ups on your browser

There are plenty of adware removal tools and extensions are available in our market to get back to the point now I would suggest to Ad Block and Ad Block Plus. These two browser extensions are so efficient way to remove unwanted ads and pop-ups in your browser. by the way, These extensions are available in our popular web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini, Internet Explorer etc…)

Remove unwanted ads and pop-ups in Google Chrome

google chrome web browser


AdBlock and AdBlock Plus Setting Up in Google Chrome :-

at first click the “Customize and control Google Chrome” gear icon

click on customize and control google chrome menu bar

Next to click More tools ->  Extensions

google chrome extensions

After that you can click “Get more extensions” link

Chrome Get More Extensions link

Furthermore “Get more extensions” link redirected into “Chrome web store” page

Google Chrome web store page

Then just search “AdBlock” in their corresponding search box

search "AdBlock" in their corresponding search box

after that you can click “ADD TO CHROME” that’s it! AdBlock extension has been added in your chrome extensions

 click ADD TO CHROME extension on your system

AdBlock extension has been added in your chrome

if you want to customize your “AdBlock” then click more tools-> extensions -> AdBlock -> Options

customize "AdBlock" extension

Also you can be able to pause the AdBlock in any particular websites

Pause AdBlock in google chrome


AdBlock Plus

Search “AdBlock Plus” in Chrome web store” page

Chrome Web Store search adblock plus

Then you can click the “add extension” button on your chrome browser

click the add extension button

Therefore “AdBlock Plus” has been added your browser

adblock plus has been installed

Like wise “AdBlock” here also you can manually customize  preferences and other things

adblock plus preferences and customizations

Remove unwanted ads in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is one of the best web browsers after Google chrome.As was before stated the following two add-ins to help to remove unwanted ads in Mozilla Firefox web browser

Install Add-ins Adblock for Firefox

Click on the top right burger menu in your Mozilla Firefox browser

click mozilla firefox burger menu

After that click into Add-ons option

Mozilla Firefox add-ons page

Next that page will go to the Add-ons Manager in your Mozilla Firefox browser

mozilla firefox add-ons manager

Similarly you can search the top right search box “AdBlock for Firefox”

Search on your Mozilla Firefox AdBlock for Firefox

After that click “install” button

Install AdBlock for Firefox Extension

Therefore “AdBlock for Firefox” ha been installed successfully

AdBlock for Firefox extension is installed completly

Finally restart your browser

Install Add-ins AdBlock Plus

In the same way goes to Menu-> add-ins -> extensions

Go to Mozilla Add-Ins Page

After that on the top right search box type “Adblock Plus” and hit enter

Search AdBlock Plus

Afterwards Click “install” and restart your Mozilla Firefox browser That’s it! AdBlock Plus has been installed, your browser extensions successfully!!!

Click Install AdBlock Plus on Mozilla Firefox browser

Remove unwanted ads in Opera Mini

Here are the steps to install AdBlock in our Opera Mini web browser


Click opera mini menu bar on top most left corner

Opera Mini Main Menu

Next go to extensions -> Get extensions

Click Opera Mini Get Extensions

After that type the search box “Adblock”

Type AdBlock on Opera Mini extension search bar

In the meantime select Adblock Plus and AdBlock

Find and select Adblock Plus and AdBlock

Then click “Add to opera” in your Opera Mini web browser

click Add to opera button in AdBlock Plus

click Add to opera button in AdBlock extension

that’s it! finally extensions are added in your browser

AdBlock Plus is added on your opera mini browser extensions

AdBlock is added on your opera mini browser extensions

Manual Suggestions:-

Arguably you can be able to clean up your system manually. On the other hand I recommend, you can use this software (AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware), it can make great for your browser performance against unwanted ads, pop-ups and Malware

Remove unwanted ads,pop-ups and malware in your computer manually

Here are the simple steps you can follow you can be able to remove unwanted third-party malicious softwares and malware’s on your computer

Uninstall all unwanted malicious softwares in your system

At first go to your system control panel

System Control Panel

After that you can must Uninstall some unwanted malicious softwares running on your system

Control Panel Programs and Features page

Ultimately these kind of malicious softwares to be destroying your system performance meanwhile collapse your browser efficiency. so please make sure and remove at all unwanted programs

Reset your browser

You can be restore browser settings to their original defaults

Restore default settings on Google Chrome

Here are the following steps:-

At first go to Menu -> settings -> show advance settings -> reset settings

Google Chrome Reset Settings option

Chrome Reset Settings button

After that click “Reset” button

Google Chrome Browser click Reset option to remove and changed to their original defaults

Finally Google Chrome browser settings have changed to their original defaults

Restore default settings on Mozilla Firefox

At first you can click top right corner Burger Menu on your browser

Mozilla Firefox Burger Menu

After that click Help (?) option

Click Help link on Mozilla Firefox

Then you can select “Troubleshooting Information”

click the Troubleshooting Information link

After that Mozilla new tab opened and click “Refresh Firefox…” option

Click Refresh Firefox button it helps to Mozilla Firefox browser settings has been changed by their original defaults


Finally Mozilla Firefox browser settings have changed to their original defaults

Additionally restart your browser

Restore default settings on Opera Mini

Click Menu->About Opera

Click Opera Menu bar and select About Opera link

After that it will appear one new tab, please note that your Opera Mini browser cache path

Noted that Opera Mini browser cache path

Afterwards Close Opera Mini and go ahead Opera Cache folder. Usually it looks like C:\Users\User name\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable 

Opera Mini browser cache path file System location

Then you can remove all files

TO remove Opera Mini browser cache path files

As a result Opera Mini browser settings have changed to their original defaults




  1. Adware automatically displays or downloads an unwanted advertisement when a user is online. To remove adware from Chrome and Firefox, proceed with the guidelines

    How to delete adware from firefox?

    Launch the Firefox web browser on your PC.

    Open the Add-ons Manager window by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+A keys.

    Click ExtensionAdware or Potentially Unwanted ProgramRemove.

    Wait for the removal process to complete.

    Once the Adware software is removed successfully, restart your system as prompted on the screen.

    After the restart process, reset the Firefox settings and start using it as per your need.

    How to delete adware from Chrome?

    Check if the Google Chrome application is launched on your system.

    If not, open the Google Chrome application to begin the Adware software deletion process.

    Click the Customized & Control Google Chrome menu or 3-Lines icon available at the top right hand of the browser screen.

    Navigate to the Tools option and select Extensions.

    Now the Extension window, which contains all the installed Extensions & plug-ins of the Google Chrome browser, will open.

    Scroll down or up the Extension screen and locate the Adware or Potentially Unwanted Program option.

    You can find the Trash icon beside the Adware extension, click it.

    Now, click the Settings tab available at the left-hand side of the screen.

    Click On Startup Open a specific page or set of pages Set pages X.

    By clicking X, all the unwanted or hijacked stat pages from the Google Chrome are removed successfully.


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