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how to edit password in google chrome web browser

Whenever you logged in any website, then username and passwords are essential nowadays. If you are visiting interactive websites or retrieve data’s, then you must sign-in only able to access their website in web browsers. Of course, social media websites, commerce sites or any other portal and forum websites you want to able to access then must remember your password first. Notably, all websites promised security, reliability, and speed. So that many sites implement validation for their created passwords must upper and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, and length.

Additionally, these kinds of strong passwords contain at least 10 to 15 characters and peoples hard to remember again. The only solution to overcome this problem is peoples saving their passwords safely. Specifically, web browsers help to saved passwords, and once you keep credentials via a password manager, then don’t need to enter again. Fortunately, you can able to saved passwords in google chrome. In case of change your password for any website then browsers getting an only old password. For this kind of situation, you need to change the password for your chrome browser. This articles will guide how to edit password in chrome so far.

Steps to edit password in chrome

chrome browser home page

  1. Launch your google chrome on your system.

three dotted line icon

2. After press, the three dotted line dotted line for chrome menubar placed in the top right corner.

settings option in chrome

3. Find and click the “settings” option.

password links in chrome

4. Next click on “Passwords” underneath Auto-fill.

list of saved passwords in chrome

5. Scroll the mouse down and see the list of passwords under the “Saved Passwords.”

to view password in eye icon for chrome

6. If you want to show the password, then press the “eye” icon here.

windows dialog box for system password verification

7. After that shows the windows security prompt and asking for a system password.

view saved passwords

8. You can enter the valid password after you will able to view saved password in the specified site.

Delete Saved Passwords in chrome

Chrome allows to removing your saved passwords. You can do the following steps to achieve removing the password quickly.

  1. Click the three dotted line in which site you want to remove here.

remove existing saved passwords

2. After then click the “Remove” option.

Export passwords in google chrome

This special features that help to export your saved passwords list downloading via CSV format.

dotted line in saved passwords

  1. Click the “Saved Passwords” straight nearby three dotted lines.

To export for saved passwords in chrome

2. Next click the “Export passwords…” link button.

windows security asking system password

3. For security purpose, windows security asking the system password.

4. Type your password when prompted to enter.

export chrome saved passwords in local drive

5. Now passwords are exporting into your local drive for CSV format.

Turn off password asking dialog box prompt:-

trun off chrome password asking dialog box

if you don’t need to save passwords in chrome browser, then turn off this “Offer to save passwords” option.

Auto Sign-in on chrome

auto sign-in option in chrome web browser

When you turn on the auto sign-in option in chrome, then don’t need to enter the password for every time. Once stored your passwords on a specific site, the next time you open for that same site, it will log in automatically without asking their credential again.

Besides, you can view, edit, and manage saved passwords for your associated google account.

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