Quick way how to send money from cash app to bank account

learn how to send money from cash app to bank account

Hi there, if you’re looking to transfer money from an app to your bank account. At the same time you don’t know how to do it, then don’t worry. You just landed on the right page for information.

Importantly, several apps make this task very easy for you. I will discuss a few of those apps which can do that task for you in a natural way!

1. Venmo me:-

The Phrase “venmo me” is also known as “pay me back”. This app allows the user to payback people right on the spot in an effortless way & you don’t have to worry about the waiting time. You can find this app on google play store.

After downloading the app, open it & sign up & add your bank account, you can also add your credit or debit card in it! When you get a payment through this app, the app will automatically draw/send that money to your bank account.

So you don’t have to worry about sending money from the app to your bank account, isn’t that quite a cool feature? Of course, it is! Another amazing thing in this app is when you’ll pay to a person through this app, it’ll ask you a reason to send money to that specific person where you can write any reason from your mind, like anything fictional, adult or funny reason.

Quiet cool, right? When you paid through Venmo, it will show up as your Venmo balance, and you need to request to withdraw those funds from the app into your account.

2. Google pay:-

The Google Pay app is a new smartphone payments platform. This app is made up of a few different parts. Google Pay may be a digital pocketbook that permits users to send or receive cash through the payment system, similarly to Venmo.

You can additionally store your master card, and charge accounts credit data into the application, allowing you to use your phone to pay for items in-store without ever swiping a credit card.

This is done through Associate in Nursing embedded near-fields communications chip (NFC) that is the same system utilized in credit cards. You can use the Google Pay option at checkout to save time and avoid physically damaging or losing a credit card.

3. Square cash:-

Square money is associate application common for businesses, however conjointly accessible for private use. Deposits enter your account instantly, free of a transaction free for personal use.

If you’re a business owner, you pay 2.75% per dealing, and therefore the service is free for your customers. So these were some cool apps with which you can easily send money to your bank account. I hope you enjoyed this information.

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