Tips on How to Make a Fillable Form in Word Document

How to Make a Fillable Form in Word Document

For any business to run, getting client’s information is the most important thing. And for that, one needs to create a form where the person can fill out all the necessary details. This helps to make an existing process or workflow faster and get to know your customer in a better way. Also, making a Fillable Form in Word is a very easy process which is as follows:-

Enable Developer Tab

  • This is the first thing you need to do to make a form as you can’t directly create forms in Word. So, enable the developer tab in the ribbon by click on File and then Options.

Template Selection and Designing

  • The Control section gives you a variety of control that can be added to your Word file document like Plain Text, Rich Text, Picture, Building Block Gallery, Combo Box, Checkbox, Dropdown List, and Date Picker. For inserting any of these controls, choose one of them, click on it and place your cursor where you want that particular “control” to appear.
  • Keeping in mind that each of these controls has their own filler text by default and you need edit this text by going on the Design Mode button which is located in the right of the control icons. You will see blue placeholders appear on the left and right of your added controls. Once it appears, select and change the text as per your choice. Then, click on the Design Mode button for completely exiting the mode.
  • For highlighting the newly added control, look out for the Properties mentioned under the Design Mode button. There, all the standard and custom options will be shown at the bottom as per their type. You can give each control a Title, color, style and also specify whether it can/cannot be edited or deleted.  In case you use plain text control, then you can also specify whether you want to allow multiple lines or not.
  • Now, before moving further, know the difference between the rich text control and plain-text control. The rich text control is used for changing the font/color settings of every individual word. The changes made by plain-text control are applied to all the text.

Adding a Drop Down List Control

  • To add a drop-down list control, go to Properties and click the Add button and type the name of your choice. After this click OK and your drop-down list will start working.

Adding Checkboxes

  • It is a very simple process, just click on the checkbox and start typing your text.

Adding Building Block Control 

  • This function will let you pick content from Quick Parts and AutoText and let you add some quotes to a custom AutoText and then linked the control to it via the Properties dialog.

Restricting Editing

  • Once you are done with adding all the controls in your document, it is advisable to restrict editing on the Developer tab. For doing so, you can use the dropdown menu that you will see in editing restrictions and after that select the Filling in forms. This is the only type of editing you should allow in the document box.
  • Now to start Enforcing Protection, Click on the” Yes” and then enter a password which you can easily remember. This will make form fields editable and everything else will be locked/protected.  So, making a form in the Word in windows systems would be a very easy process if follow these steps accurately.


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