How to recover corrupted word file document easily

How to recover corrupted word file document

The Corruption both in the country and word document complaints are significantly increasing day-by-day.
Okay, let’s talk about how these files get corrupted and how to recover those corrupted word file so far.
Maybe there are very many answers to that question. But I will include some of the important and working recovery methods below..

Reasons for Corruption of Word Files:

  1. Due to sudden/forced shutdown or low voltage to the system(In the absence of Uninterrupted Power Supply).
  2. It may be due to the unwanted adware and malware present in your computer system.
  3. Due to the presence of bugs in the application might also be a reason.
  4. The external/internal storage also should check whether there is any errors/viruses etc.
  5. The size of the Word file(it will get corrupt when it is too large) also matters

Fortunately, Microsoft Word internally provides you with some methods to recover the corrupted word files like these below two.

  • Open with Text Recovery converter.
  • Open and repair the document.

It’s not fair to use third-party applications from the web to recovery without using in-built Word recovering options. Excluding the above two, they are few leftover Word in-built options.

Different options will give you various results. So, Let’s go through with few of them.

However, it’s not so easy to recover corrupted files for free as you know that the probability also very less to get a successful recovery.
There are so many recovering sites are online.

But they aren’t free of cost at all. It costs you from $50 as a minimum to recover corrupted files from those premium/pro sites.
Let’s the fundamental method of recovering the corrupted word doc.

The 1st method to recover corrupted word file document::

  1. At first browse the file/document whether damaged from the disk.
  2. Then click on Open which drop-down some other actions.
  3. Choose the option “Open And Repair” to recover that document…

If one method fails, then you can proceed with the next one.
If it fails again and again and also after trying all the Word in-built options, then you can go for third – party rectifying tools.

Here are other alternative solutions. This method entirely depends upon the corrupted file type and what does it include.
If it includes some text, then we can obtain that text by this second method

The 2nd method to repair/recover corrupted word document::

  1. Browse the relevant word files/docs whatever damaged from the disk.
  2. Then click on Open which drop-down some other actions.
  3. And now, choose the option named “Open with Text Recovery”.

Follow the below steps when your document contains text or descriptions, etc..

Anti-Corruption Precautions::

  1. Always use a good and quality USB.
  2. Before removing any USB from your PC, click RMB on the storage and select “Eject” option, then you will get a message as “Your USB is safe to remove”. Then you can pull it out.
  3. It’s better not to rename the document files frequently.
  4. Better not to replace or move the documents from their alternative folders.
  5. Always keep an eye on the malware percentage on your PC or laptop.


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