How to Create a new Calendar in google

How to Create a new Calendar in google

To manage your time more effectively, we discussed many applications in Make use of. However, nothing surpasses the old calendar yet the calendars built upon the modern cloud better than ever. Calendars can be of use in different parts of your life. We can either use one main calendar or view each calendar separately.

Recently, Google had upgraded its calendar adding 5 new features which are worth trying. We will explain everything from where to start, how to make a new calendar, getting new designs and what new features you should try.

Here’s an example of how to create a new calendar

First, go to settings; name the new calendar that you want to create. You can also give it a description as it helps when sharing the calendar with other people.

Second, select the time zone. The time will automatically change to your current time zone. To find the new calendar that you just created, go to the Google calendar home screen. You can also give your calendar its unique color after you create it. On your home page, press on the more button next to your new calendar (usually three doted) and select a color of your choice. This will automatically color all the items you add, but you still have an option to change the color for yourself in specific entries when you create them.

Creating events

What’s a calendar without events, right? The most important part of a calendar is the events and managing your events.

To add an event, select a day you desire in a particular month view. This dialogue points to the date or time, allowing you to schedule events quickly. Is either you select the more details by click on the links, and then you can add any info you desire. In order to add events, just click on the text links by your left-hand side.

At the same time, just import the full year calendar together with its events at once from your Yahoo or Outlook, or iCal. Calendar. Take note that, Google Calendar is not directly synced with some software like Outlook as well as iCal, thereby, you have to be patient, and keep importing any events you desire as you are using both tools together.

How to share Google calendars with others

This is where Google Calendar shines. You are permitted to share Google calendar with friends, organization or individuals’ persons. Your Google calendar can make public. This would be of great use for individual, institutions, business organizations as well as government agencies. It is free to access for anyone to add a public calendar to their personal calendar and all the dates are revealed on it.

You can send an invite via Gmail. Of course, It’s a very easy process to invite anyone. Moreover, It also has sharing options. You can either choose to share only times when you’re busy, share read-only access to event details, share the ability to edit your events on your calendar or share the ability to manage and customize your calendar and invite others.

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