How to Transcribe Audio File to Text in Google

Tips on How to Transcribe Audio File to Text in Google

Speech recognition is something which has always attracted a lot of people’s attention. And now, when we have a lot of API resources available, speech recognition has become a very easy and fun task. Though, there are some scenarios in which speech recognition becomes difficult, especially if there is a long conversation. For such speech recognition there only a few API’s which can be trusted. Among them the best one is Google. Here, we explained in detail how to transcribe the audio file to text on Google.

Various Ways To Do How to Transcribe Audio File to Text in Google?

Google has three API requests system for converting audio content to text and all three of them are mentioned below.

  • Synchronous Request:- An audio file of approximately 1 minute is best suited for this method and that audio file will reference the API for getting the text. The file can be stored on a local computer or server.
  • Asynchronous Request:- Using this request audio of 480 minutes can be converted. But you need to upload your data to Google cloud to make this request.
  • Streaming Request:- This request is made by the users who are speaking in microphone and want the audio to be transcribed. It is considered to be apt for chatbots only and data should be of a minute for this request.

Now, comes the method of conversion which can be done in a few simple steps like:-

Firstly, import some necessary packages like Google Speech-to-Text Client library and then generate a service account key. Now, copy the JSON file content in some other file and name it key.json.

Then you have to add GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to .env format and set up a value to your JSON file. Our motto is to convert the file into FLAC format and upload it on Google cloud storage bucket as that’s the only way to transcribe the file.

Now, you need to create the route and the view to finally receive your file. I would recommend you to use AJAX as it will make the process lot easier for you. If using this method then you can convert a small as well as big audio content easily. For a deeper understanding, collect information about Google Cloud Services as it would be extremely helpful in this task. So, it’s a very easy task, you just need to follow all the steps accurately.

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