How to Restore Recycle Bin on Windows 10

How to Restore Recycle Bin on Windows 10

The biggest advantage of recycle bin is that if you delete any file by mistake then you can restore it from recycle bin. However, at times, recycle bin itself goes missing from the system, especially if you have installed or using windows 10 in your system. So, you should know the ways to bring the recycle bin icon back to the screen if it is not there. This can be done in three simple steps which are as follows: –

Steps for how to Restore Recycle Bin on Windows 10 systems:

The below steps guided in the best way to find the missing recycle bin or to unhide the recycle bin on Windows 10 systems so far.

1) Press the Start button and Settings or simply do a right-click and go to the option Personalize.

2) In the option “Personalize”, you will find the option Themes and after that, you need to go to the option of desktop icon settings.

3) There you will find the Recycle Bin check box, check it and click on the apply button.

Note:-This will most probably solve your problem but in case it doesn’t work then there are some other ways also, like: –

Changing the display mode of the system:

At times, the system is in tablet mode which is not meant for desktop and it cut the icons due to which you can’t see them. So, simply change the display mode and you will get the recycle bin back.

In case, both these methods don’t work then create a shortcut for Recycle Bin icon. It is not actually your recycle bin but a shortcut with almost all the features of the actual one. For creating it Go to Windows File Explorer, click on View and then on Options. hereafter it will display the folder options. In Folder Options, again click on the View tab. This will show the list of all the hidden drives, files and folders. Uncheck these files and then click Apply and OK to made changes.

Back in File Explorer section click on the “This PC” option. This will open the OS (C:) or C: Drive where you will see file name $Recycle.Bin, Right-click on it send it to the menu pops up and then select Desktop to create short on it.

So, these are some of the best ways to restore the recycle bin in Windows. Always remember that recycle bin is a windows file which should not get deleted under any circumstances as it is extremely useful. And, in case it goes missing then you should know how to retrieve it.

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