Guide on How to play music on an Apple Watch

How to play music on an Apple Watch

With our busy schedules around the clock, there’s hardly any time to relax. The most one can make out of relaxing these days in listening to some music that sets your mood right, while you are still working. But by God’s grace, you were born just as a normal human being that means you just have two hands for solving the multiple tasks that you have throughout the day. And making time for music is also a tough job. However, one place where you badly need to listen to some good music is while you jog.

Unless you have a very nice grip and can run for kilometers without a water bottle in hand, is when you can think of connecting earphones to your device and hold it while you run. Trust me, that’s not a good idea. But you know what a good idea is, to get yourself a smartwatch and a pair of wireless earphones. Now, if you are an Apple user and have never tried plugging in those wireless earphones connected to your smartwatch, I have some good news! I’ll be guiding you on how you can do the same.

It is a very simple process that’ll help you connect your earphones to your smartwatch, and help you play music while you can keep doing whatever you want to. And you can thank me later!

 The perfect way how to Sync/play music to your Apple Watch

Here are the steps to find an answer for how to play music on an apple watch so far.

  1. The first thing is to connect your apple watch to their charger and ensure once again charging sign shows that watch.
  2. Then on your iPhone, switch on the Bluetooth by going to the setting section.
  3. Next, you can simply open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone mobile and click the option My watch
  4. You can Tap the Music option here and then add music.
  5. Choose your desired music or albums/favorite playlist songs that you want to sync.

The Automatically Add section allows you to turn playlists off or on. Your most played Music will automatically add to your Apple Watch. And if you’re subscribed to Apple music, your personalized mixes are automatically added to Apple Watch.

The only problem with this entire thing is that you can’t add specific albums or playlists, but what you can do is download them to your iPhone before you sync with your watch. Unfortunately, audiobooks can’t be added to the list. However, whatever little it can do to save our time is incredible.

You no more have to worry about holding a phone in your hand while you run, or even if you keep it in your pockets, you don’t need to take it out every time and unlock it and waste time on it. And honestly, the risk of phone thefts is much more than watch thefts. Using a smartwatch can give you access to things that you want to do, just like your phone while you can simply work your fingertips on the watch on your wrist and it’s that easy. Now, be it jogging or traveling or anything that keeps you busy, you will have just the right amount of time to do it.


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