Simple Guide for how to turn off two factor authentication on iPhone

how to turn off two factor authentication on iPhone

Are you one of those iPhone users who are extremely irritated by the two-factor authentication process? Well, you are not are alone as these many other iPhone users which consider this feature to be an extremely frustrating and complete wastage of time. Therefore, we would like to tell you how to turn off two-factor authentication on the iPhone. But before that, let us tell you some of its benefits so that you can decide whether you would like to keep it or not.

Process of  how to Turning Off Two Factor Authentication for iPhone

The use of two-factor authentication makes your account highly secure because when you or somebody else tries to access your account through any other device then it requires a password as well as six-digit code which will be sent to your iPhone. So, by any chance somebody got to know your password even then they won’t be able to access your account. Also, you will indicate so that you can check the activity and take proper action like changing the password.

So, if you think from a security perspective, then it is a great feature. Still, if you think that you don’t want it then you can easily turn it off. But, keep in mind that once you turn off two-factor authentication, you require a proper password or answer to the security question to access your iPhone. Now, let’s understand the process step by step:-

Step by Step Instructions for Turning Off Two Factor Authentication for iPhone

  • You first need to go to
  • Then, log in your Apple ID which may require you to use “two-factor authentication” for accessing the account.
  • Once you log in, you’ll see the security section in the account settings.
  • Choose “Edit” in this section and this will open up Two-Factor Authentication” section which will be ON.
  • Now, you can’t directly turn it off as there has to be some kind of security arrangement for accessing the account, i.e. creating a new security question to assign in the place of two-factor auth codes for accessing the Apple ID.
  • After setting it up, save these settings and log out the site.

See, it is a very simple process which will hardly take two minutes to complete. After disabling the authentication process, you can access your Apple ID from anywhere through any device, which includes iPhone, iOS, iPad, Mac, and web using a password. So, choose a really strong password which you can remember easily or you can again turn on the two-factor authentication if you feel that you need it. However, you can’t do it soon after turning it off as it requires enrollment confirmation email which takes time to generate. So, we would advise you that you shouldn’t change your security settings frequently and stick to one which you think suits you the most.



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