How to sharpen an image in Photoshop

How to sharpen an image in Photoshop

Image Sharpening is a process which can make even dull photos look great and the most common tool that is used for image sharpening in Photoshop. Thus, one should know the process of image sharpening in Photoshop. You can use several kinds of filters in Photoshop for image sharpening but here we are going to talk about only the top-three.

But, before making any changes to the image, create a copy of it and save your original image. For doing so, right-click on the image layer and a duplicate layer will be created. Convert this duplicate layer into a smart object and do all the changes on this image. Now, come the filters which you can use:-

Process of Image Sharpening in Photoshop

Smart Sharpen:

It is an extremely useful filter which is used by many to add and control sharpness after doing the image processing. It has great setting options for controlling every aspect of an image like sharpness, shadow, highlights and more. It’s basic to advanced settings option help to save a lot of time. Also, you use the same settings on some other image as well and this way it helps to save a lot of time.

Unsharp Mask

This filter has three sliders that are named; amount, radius and threshold. The Amount slider is used to increase and decrease the sharpness. Next one is used for adjusting the sharpness of the image pixels. This helps to adjust the sharpness of the edges of the image to make it stand out. The Threshold slider is used for managing the overall sharpness of the image. So, it is extremely easy to use the filter.

High Pass

This image filter has only one setting but it is extremely useful and to use it the radius scale of the image needs to be set on a minimum number. Then, click OK and start adding the grayscale to the image. Then, put up the image on blending mode to use any kind of light like overlay light, soft light, hard light, or linear light. Whenever you change the blend mode, there will be a great sharpness in your image.

All three of them are very easy to use and understand and give great results in a short span of time. Apart from these three, there some other filters also which are really good for work like Watercolor, Sponge, Rough Pastels, Palette Knife, Neon Glow, Film Grain, Cutout, Underpainting, Smudge Stick, Plastic Wrap, Palette Knife, Fresco, Dry Brush and many others.

I would suggest that apart from image sharpening, you should also get some basic knowledge about the blurry background effect. This will help you to focus on a particular object in the image and it will appear sharp automatically.

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