How to Choose the Best Online Backup Service

How to Choose the Best Online Backup Service

Data security is the most important issue in today’s time as data loss can lead to a big disaster.  Therefore, you should know about the online backup services which can help you to keep your data secure. It will protect you from problems like virus installation, accidental deletion, window crash, hard drive crash, etc. And, the biggest threat to your data is cyber theft which is very common these days. Therefore, you should know how to choose the best online backup services for data security purpose. Here, we are providing the list of these services and you can select any one as per your suitability.

List of Best Online Backup Services

Here’s the list of websites that provides and offers best online backup services so far.


This online backup service is easy to set up and offer services like bulk uploads, folder syncing, file explorer integration, etc. Moreover, IDrive offers all these services for all your devices through a single account. However, its storage is not unlimited but considering its price it is a really good option.

Acronis True Image

This service has a really good desktop interface and it has local as well as cloud backup. Acronis True Image features include file syncing, ransomware protection and complete disk image backup and restoration service. Though, it is a bit costly and recommended only if you need some extra features like active file protection.

SOS Online Backup

This online backup is really good as it can back up external and network drives with really good archival features. However, SOS Online Backup doesn’t have features like file explorer integration or unlimited storage accounts and it’s quite costly also.


It has close integration with B2 cloud storage service and offers unlimited storage. You can create the backup via mailed drive also as it is easy to set up with really strong security settings. However, Backblaze can be licensed for a single computer only without private sharing of backup files.


It is a really good online backup service as it is easy to set up, offer unlimited online backup storage with features like file explorer integration and has a really good web interface too. However, with one license, you can use Carbonite on a single computer only and doesn’t offer file sharing and syncing service.

SpiderOak One

This online backup service is highly secured with advanced privacy setting options and it can be used on different devices through a single account. Also, SpiderOak One offers flexible backup and sharing options but it is a bit costly compared to the other online backup services.


This online backup is highly suitable for desktop and mobile apps, it offers unlimited storage and works really smoothly. However, Livedrive lacks advanced level security options, doesn’t have a File Explorer integration feature and it is a bit costly also.

Apart from these, we have some other options as well like OpenDrive, Zoolz Bigmind, ElephantDrive, etc. Like the others mentioned above, they have also some pros and cons. So, you need to select the one which fulfills your requirement and within your budget.

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