Excel Tips – How To Compare Two Excel Sheets

How To Compare Two Excel Sheets

Generally, worksheets are really helpful to many business works, calculations, and comparisons, etc.

These are also very profitable for some organizations, which use it to record consumptions and pay, plan spending plans, graph information, and briefly present monetary outcomes. Likewise, Microsoft word document here also some of the special features available and many more customization options are there.

How to compare two excel sheets?

Here is the detailed guidance to compare excel sheets in the same workbook as well as a different workbook so far.

Compare two excel sheets in the Same Workbook

Step1: Go to the Workbook where the two sheets are within it and which are going to be compared to each other.

Step2: On the top-middle of the screen, you can see the “view” option.

Step3: It shows new options, then selects “New Window”.

Step4: Now, move the mouse key to the taskbar to show the new window of the same workbook.

Step5: Select the two sheets which are going to be compared in the respective two windows to start comparing.

Now, you can compare them simply to obtain results.

Compare two excel sheets in the Different Workbook

Step1: Choose the “view” option which is at the top-middle of the screen. (You can follow the same above step).

Step2: Now, you can see “View side by side” tab on the top-right side. Afterward, you can click on it.

Step3: Then those two sheets which are in two different workbooks will split horizontally. Then, you can compare those two sheets which are in different workbooks easily.

Method 3:: Comparing the excel sheets 

There is another way of comparing the excel sheets that is by using the conditional formatting method.

Step1: Select the conditional formatting option on the top-middle of the screen.

Step2: Choose the “New Rule” option which is the third one from below of the options.

Step3: Choose the “Rule Type” option in the usage of formula to format the specific cells which the last option in the list.

Step4: The formula which you to use is below one. Enter this formula in the box which is above the preview.

“ =B4<>Sheet2!B4”

{Please do notice that the “B4” is the primary sheet and “Sheet2” is secondary sheet}

Step5: And finally, click the “format” button to finish the process.

Method 4: Compare excel worksheets using XL Comparator in Online

By using www.XLComparator.net [Best XL Comparator for online]

Step1: At first you can open the website named  www.xlcomparator.net

Step2: Choose the excel worksheets which you are going to be compared and upload them to the first file box and second file box respectively.

Step3: Choose the columns to compare in first and second excel worksheets which are uploaded.

Step4: And then, download the comparison file to complete the process.

There is another website like the above xlcomparator.net which helps us to compare our excel document easily.

That alternative website is  www.cloudyexcel.com which helps you to compare and analysis of excel sheets simply.


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