How to Create a Picture Slideshow with Music in PowerPoint

How to create a picture slideshow with music in MS PowerPoint for both Mobile and PC

Slideshows are really being creative these days with new techniques. Generally, a presentation contains a set of related photos sliding with time. But do you know there is a way to add music whatever we want?. Yes, we can do it within the Microsoft PowerPoint on your PC.

Below are the steps to create a picture slideshow presentation together, play with music too. so that you can completely go through all of them. Also, you can look back to create a graph in excel and to make Password Protect Word Document.

How to create a picture slideshow with music in MS PowerPoint for PC?

Step1: Open the PowerPoint on your PC by pressing start and going to “All Programs”.

Step2: Then, choose “File” at the top and then “New”. Select the “New presentation” as we are going to make a slide show from the options under-listed from a new option.

Step3: Now, add the title and subtitle in the given space on the sheet.

Step4: Right-click and select the last option that is “New Slide” which inserts you a new slide or sheet in order to add more pictures.

Step5: Choose the pictures to be added to the slides by clicking on “Insert” and then “Picture” then local disk or local files.

Step6: Click on an insert option to add then pictures selected to the slides.

Note: You can add one or more than two pictures to a slide. Of course, you can design the style of arrangement of pictures if you don’t feel it comfortable. Moreover, you can remove the pictures from the files by clicking on the “x” or “delete” at the top of the picture.

You can also change the border and layouts of your slideshow until you like it.

Step7: You can add the transitions to the pictures by clicking on the “Transitions” tab. And also add backgrounds by right-clicking on the mouse and selecting the last option “Format Background” where you can select different types of fills and colors and applying them by clicking “Apply to All”.

Step8: Now, the important step is to add music to the slideshow. Click on the “Movies and Audio” which is quite top of the screen and choose “Music” to select the audio file which is to be added to the slides.

You can find “Audio options” in the “Format Audio” tab near the home tab. ( Here, you have to select whether the audio should be played on one slide or all slides)

Step9: Finally, save the slideshow by clicking on “Save” or “Save As” on the left side options.

It will be saved to your local disk or other storage.

How to create a picture slideshow with music in Mobile Device?

We can also create and add the music on mobiles also.

Here is an app which helps you to do it within the mobile. It’s VideoShow(Available at Play Store) You can make different videos, slides, photo complications with many GIFs, etc..
However, you need premium access to get some extra features on this app which costs you. You have to pay and download VideoShowPro on play store if you need more features. Additionally, you need to compare two excel sheets, then refer to our previous posts.


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