Learn about How to Create Email Templates in Gmail

How to Create Email Templates in Gmail

Do you write emails every day and doing copy and paste work takes too much time? Then, you should know about how to create email templates in Gmail. Unlike sales automation software, it is free and works quite efficiently. You just need to insert these readymade email templates in your mail and you are ready to shoot the mail. This will not only save your time but also reduces the chances of any kind of writing mistakes. So, let us quickly explain the email template creation process.

Steps to create email templates in your Gmail effectively

  • Login Gmail Account and look out for the “Gear Icon” where you will find settings option.
  • In the settings, look out for the tab called advanced.
  • In this tab, you will find an option called “Canned Responses”. You have to enable it by clicking on it.
  • Now, start writing a new email by clicking on the compose button to make a standard email template of your choice.
  • Then, go to “Canned Responses” and save this mail by clicking on “Save as new template” by giving it a name.
  • Now you need to check whether it is working perfectly or not by sending a test mail. You can send it either to a friend or yourself, that’s completely your choice. However, for instantly checking it, it would be advisable to send it yourself.
  • Now, compose a new mail and in the pop-up, you will see a facedown triangle in the right-hand side of the trashcan. In the same menu bar, you will see “canned responses” after scrolling. Now, click on it to add it to the mail.

The template which you have designed earlier will be added to your Gmail automatically and you only need to name it. You can create several other templates like this with different texts. So, it is a very easy process which only needs to be followed step by step. And, anybody can do it even if they are not tech-savvy. This method comes really handy when can’t afford to have an automation system like MailChimp. Also, it helps you to save time when you have a hectic day by giving timely and accurate responses to all the people.

You can use it scheduling appointments as well as for scheduling the time for a chat. Basically, your way of communication will become more personalized. This is because, unlike others, you are not giving a standard response but a good response which will leave a good impression on your clients. And, the best part is that these canned responses can be edited any time you want. So, if you want, you can update or improve it from time to time. So, don’t wait and start creating canned responses to save your time and energy and to increase your productivity. Moreover, you want to know in your Gmail has deleted attachment only then refer our previous posts and if this article is so useful means kindly spread your friend’s circle and families so far.


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