Four Best Methods to Download Paid Android Apps for Free

how to get paid apps for free on android

I guess you are the one kind of  Android user who wants to download some paid Android apps for free on your smartphone? Well, you can do so, as there are some really good methods to get android applications for free or at least on a very less cost. The methods are a bit of tricky but can be smartly used for getting the app without burning a hole in your pocket. So, let’s talk about them one by one.

Learning How To Get Paid Apps For Free On Android Is Not Difficult At All! You Just Need A Great Teacher!

Maybe the following below four best methods that help to get download free for some of paid/premium android applications.

App Discount sites

This is a short and sweet method to get any app easily as these sites are easy to use and offer an extensive range of apps to download. Also, there is plenty number of such sites like App sales, Google Play Deals Subreddit, Android Police tagged “deals”, Android App Promo Codes and many others. This is the best method for the people who want to download an app quickly without giving too much time on it.

Google Opinion Rewards

A great choice but for the limited number of people as you have to earn credits to purchase an app. For this, you have to download Google Opinion Polls app and need to answer some survey questions and then you will get earn credits and when you will have good amount of credits then you just have to go to the Playstore and you can purchase an app with the credits earned. It may be a bit time consuming but a really good method.

Amazon Underground

Amazon is the biggest competitor of Google on Android and to win the competition it is offering some great paid apps on its app store. For installing apps through Amazon Underground, you firstly need to install APK file from Amazon’s site and then go to the settings and look out for the special app access in its advanced features. There, you will find install unknown apps option. The idea behind this Amazon feature is to promote Ad-supported apps rather than paid apps. Still, it is great option to install some wonderful apps.

Get App Promo codes via Social media, Forums, and Other Groups  

Lastly, one of the best methods to install some amazing apps is to look out for some Developers pages on social networking sites. On these pages, you can easily find some promo codes to install an app for free or with a great discount. You can also lookout for some communities of developers where a bunch of apps is available for free for the group members. They also put up some apps for user testing and encourage the group members to install the app and use it.

So, these are some of the best methods to get apps free on your android phone, If you like to use new apps and don’t want to waste your money. All of them are great therefore you can use any of them and find the one which suits you the most.


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