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Clarifications On How To Disable Ads On Facebook?

Are you frustrating about seeing unwanted ads on Facebook every time you log in? Well, they appear as per your preferences which are decided on the basis of information collected by Facebook. This information includes your search history, the ads you have shown interest in, the product and group pages you have liked or be a member of. (on the other hand, if you want to download all photos from Facebook then this linked article will helpful for you.)

Using all this miscellaneous information, facebook decides to show ads of products and services which might interest you. However, if you don’t want to see any of these ads then you disable them easily. For doing so, you have to follow a simple process which is divided into three categories. Let’s talk about all three of them one by one.

Hide ads

When you see an ad, go to its top right corner and choose the option “Hide ad”. Then, there will be some instructions which you need to follow. Once you follow the instructions the ad won’t show. This means that ad is still there but it won’t show on the page. (Do you want to know how to friend on Facebook on strangers, friends of friends, or other known we well as unknown persons then keep this link.)

Turning off targeted ads on facebook

You can turn off targeted ads on facebook from other sites. This will not completely stop the ads display on your id but now the ads won’t be the one which is specially targeted for you. So, log in your Facebook id, go to settings and look out for an option named “ads based on my use of websites and apps”. You can simply click on it and afterward go to “choose setting” button next to select “off.” Now, information collected to show you ads won’t be used for that purpose.

Opting out of ads

This option may not available to every user but if it is available to you then should use it to opt-out of ads. It won’t stop showing ads completely but it will to a great extent. You can give privacy practices as a reason and no more ads will be shown to you. However, it doesn’t work then you can use the incognito window in your browser which will ignore cookies and you won’t see any ads.

An easier way to get rid of ads is to go to a Facebook account and then “Facebook ads” after that select “no one” option which is given under option named “ads shown by 3rd party apps” for closing all the social media ads.

All these methods are effective and you can choose any of them as per your suitability to safeguard your privacy on Facebook. Moreover, if you want to know for hiding friends on Facebook or view archive messages on FB then refer our previous posts and get knowledge.


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