Easy Solution: How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

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Although this may be true, Netflix is a popular streaming service, and Facetime offers you to stream such services with your friends virtually. However, it is up to the streaming services, they want to allow Facetime to stream its services.

Netflix doesn’t approve Facetime to stream its services on Facetime.

That’s why you can’t watch Netflix on Facetime with your friends. However, in this article, you’ll know the easy solution  How to Watch Netflix on Facetime.

Quick Answer – How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

  1. Use MetaStream Browser Extension to Watch Netflix
  2. Use the Rave app to Watch Netflix together on Android and iOS
  3. Use Facebook Messenger to Watch Netflix

Alternate Options –

  1. Watch Other Supported Streaming Services on Facetime

Read the following article to know more about the above points.

To Learn How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

Unfortunately, Netflix currently doesn’t support streaming together with Facetime, therefore you cannot watch Netflix on Facetime. However, there are third-party apps other than Netflix which allow you to watch Netflix streaming with your friends. These third-party applications can be installed on both desktops and mobiles etc.

Easy Solutions to Watch Netflix on Facetime

#1. Use MetaStream Browser Extensions to Watch Netflix 

MetaStream Browser Extensions

As we know Netflix doesn’t support Facetime, that’s why you cannot share your screen with your friend.

However, with these browser extensions installed on your Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, you both can stream Netflix together.

  1. Download MetaStream a browser extension on your Chrome web browser or Microsoft Edge.
  2. Then, go to metastream.com.
  3. Now, tap on Open Meta stream.
  4. Type your display name and get started.
  5. Now – Start a Session.
  6. Now, open another tab and go to Netflix, here copy the URL of an episode or movie you want to watch.
  7. Again, go to the Meta stream tab, and paste the URL on the plus sign at the upper right corner > tap on Add to Session.
  8. So, The final step is – You can invite your friend using the invite button and then share that appropriate link with your friend.

As soon as your friend arrives, you can start the session by simply tapping on the play button.

That’s how you can watch Netflix streaming together on a Desktop. Here are other browser extensions you can use to watch Netflix together.

  • Teleparty
  • Screner
  • TwoSeven
  • Rava. io – MacOS

You can also stream on YouTube and other streaming platforms using the above extensions.

But many of us, use tablets and mobile phones to stream Netflix. Therefore, we also have video streaming apps that will help you to stream Netflix together on mobile phone.

#2. Use Rave App to Watch Netflix together on Android and iOS.

Rave App to Watch Netflix together on Android and IOS

Rave. io is an app that can be installed on the four most popular OS – Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. You and your friends can install Rave and someone can host Netflix and invite others to watch together.


  1. Firstly, Download Rave on your device.
  2. Then, Create your account on Rave and go to the home screen of the Rave app
  3. Then, You can just Tap on the + icon and select Netflix.
  4. Sign in to your appropriate Netflix account.
  5. Once you have added your Netflix account.
  6. Then, just go to Rave and start streaming Netflix.

That’s s how you can watch Netflix together on a phone, however, there is one problem with the Rave app, which is it’s too buggy app. That’s why we also share other apps which can help you to watch Netflix together.

  • Scener app – Android & iOS both
  • Kast – Android & iOS both
  • Hearo – Android & iOS both

#3. Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Big Icon Image

Yes, Facebook Messenger the popular messaging app has a feature that can help you stream together. The feature is known as Facebook Watch, in which you can invite your friends to watch a live video together. Here’s how it works


  1. First of all, Launch the Messenger app.
  2. Tap on the New Message icon. (Also known as Compose message icon)
  3. Create a group or Invite a person here.
  4. Tap on the video icon after creating the group.
  5. After that, when someone joins the video, slide up and tap on Watch Together.
  6. You’ll get the option to watch some movies or live videos.

You can only watch movies & shows inside the app, which is its limitation.

Other Streaming Services You Can Watch on Facetime (SharePlay)

Not Netflix but here are some streaming services that support Facetime, you can watch these streaming services with your friends.

Movie & Sports Streaming Services

  1. Apple TV+
  2. YouTube
  3. Disney+
  4. ESPN+
  5. NBA Sports
  6. HBO Max
  7. Hulu
  8. Digital Concert Hall
  9. Paramount+
  10. Mubi
  11. Pantaya
  12. Ullu
  14. Share+
  15. UFC
  16. MX Player
  17. Shudder
  18. STARZ
  19. Pluto TV

Music & Podcasts

  1. Apple Music app
  2. Spotify
  3. Moon FM
  4. Kuku FM
  5. SoundCloud
  6. Vinyl

Meditation App

  1. Unplug: Meditation
  2. Meditation Moments
  3. Better Sleep

Other Apps

  1. Apple Fitness
  2. Piano with Friends
  3. TikTok
  4. Twitch
  5. Zillow
  6. Apollo for Reddit
  7. Popshop live

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Final Words

Watching Netflix with friends is fun, especially if you live at a far distance when you cannot visit each other homes. In such a situation, Facetime-like apps are really helpful, but till Netflix start to support Facetime, we have to use third-party apps and extension, to do the job.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful, if you like this article, we will also like this one, where we share how can you get Netflix free forever or at least for a few months – link.

Thanks for reading!

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