How To See How Long You Have Been On Facetime on iPhone

How To See How Long You Have Been On Facetime?

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In this article, I’ll share with you how to see how long you have been on Facetime. Of course, there are many features on the iPhone that are particularly popular, such as FaceTime. It is believed that many people choose the iPhone because of Facetime.

If you are having a hard time looking for your call duration on FaceTime, then it’s normal. Because if you have been using the app for a long time. You might not be used to looking for call duration with this method. IOS versions above 13 have a new UI and design that makes some features disappear and hides them underneath some banners.

It is still quite easy to use, but sometimes with a foggy brain, we would frustrate ourselves looking for this feature. Using the method described below, you can determine how to see how long you have been on FaceTime.

To Learn How to know the duration of a Facetime call?

Step-1: After you are done with your phone call. To know the duration of the FaceTime calls, you need to open your pre-built ‘Phone” app.

Step-2: Once you are inside the app, You will see all the calls you have made. Scroll to call you to wish to know the duration.

Step-3: You can identify if the call was made with FaceTime or Mobile by looking below the caption. 

Step-4: Once you identify your call, click on the ‘i’ or information button on the right corner of the call logs.

Facetime iPhone Audio Call Logs

Step-5: After clicking, you will see all the Video and Audio calls that occurred between the number. Here you can also see the duration of the time that the call lasted for.

Facetime check all video and audio call duration Screen

IOS devices have always provided the cleanest and neatest UI. In this regard, they have made certain changes that make finding some features not so obvious. FaceTime is a great example of that. Earlier you could have easily known your call duration just after the call ends with a popup. But now, you need to go and individually look for different numbers and identify the duration of your call.

You can also use some third-party apps for call monitoring if you want to keep track of your time. The older version is still using the old FaceTime that used to show call duration immediately after the call has ended.

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