5 Best Methods to listen to someone’s phone call on Android and iOS

5 Best Methods to listen to someone’s phone call on Android and iOS

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We humans have the immense curiosity to know the unknown. That’s why many people do different activities to find out the thing, but when it comes to technology there is no need to act like a Monkey.

To tracking phone calls of your kids without informing them or listen to someone’s else phone call. All of these things are possible and have hundreds of methods, but to save your time, we’re listing the 5 best methods possibly.


Keep in mind, you need some kind of physical access to the target phone, you cannot hack a mobile phone of a person in Europe by sitting in Australia.

These methods are legal but there are some strict privacy laws, I think everyone should follow these laws, according to their respective country. So, try these methods only to those how you’ve relation with, so they don’t file a case against you.

What’s in the Article.

  • In this Errorexpress article, you’ll be introduced to some of the best free spy apps/ software.
  • Separate app to track your kid’s phone conversation.
  • You’ll be introduced to a free spying method.
  • At last, you’ll also get links and how to operate these apps’ information.

5 Methods for how to listen to others call on my phone

So, here’re the 5 Methods to listen to the calls, some are paid, some are free. but None of them have sponsored us, they are genuine spying apps.

#1. KidsGuard Pro for tracking phone calls

KidsGuard Application Main Page

         If you’re looking for an app that can have all the records of all the incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s phone, then KidsGuard Pro is there.

First of all, It will work only if you have already installed it on target’s phone as well as your phone and then create an account. Then, log in to that account, you’re done. Now, you’ve remote access to your child’s call recording.

How does this app work?

After the target device receives a call or makes a call, this app will record the call, and then they will upload it to their server, then anybody who has access to the account can listen to the call.

Basically, they’ll collect data and with help of the internet they’ll upload it to their server, then you can download it from the account with the help of the internet.

KidsGuard Pro is a paid app, you’ve to select the plan, and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS Devices. Unfortunately, the mobile call recording facility is not there for IOS Devices.

#2. XNSY- Spy App

XNSY Application Main Page

         XNSY is a spy app, which will help you to track calls and messages, not only just for some default system apps, but also you can read someone’s WhatsApp and Facebook calls and messages.

Of course, the XNSY application is 100% compatible with Android and Apple devices.

How to use XNSY?

  • You can download and get some additional information from their website: XNSY.
  • Install it and create an account and remember the login info.
  • After your XNSY installation is successful, you can log in with valid credentials.
  • Finally, you can able to track a person as well as listen to their call with the help of call recording.

#3. FlexiSpy- Spy App

         FlexiSpy is a great spying app, it’s not only being used for call recording and for tracking phones but also for spying someone’s phone like their social media and gallery. Although it’s a paid software they give 14 Days trial if you’ve doubted, it will work or not.

How to use FlexiSpy?

  • Download FlexiSpy on the target phone.
  • And create an account, remember log-in information like password.
  • Install FlexiSpy on your phone, and log in with that account.
  • That’s it!

FlexiSpy is compatible with both the devices (Android and iOS), you can simply listen to someone’s phone call just by installing it on any device.

#4. Google Voice – Listen to others’ phone calls without trouble (Free!)

Google voice allows you to do calling through the internet, but how to use google voice to listening call recording, firstly sign up,

How to sign up on Google Voice?

  • On your Android or iOS device, go to Google Voice and sign up with your Google Account.
  • Then, choose you can choose the appropriate voice number.
  • Next, you can verify it!
  • Start call recording…

This can be work on both the smartphone and through your account setting, chose to save call recording. This decision will be in the admin’s control.

#5. TapeACall- a Phone Tracking App

TapCall Application Index Page

         TapeACall helps you to track phone calls and listen to call recordings, this app is also available on App Store. However, it’s only compatible with iOS, this app is a business app that ranks 1st in 35 Countries.

How to the app works?

The App creates a 3-way conference call, which means when you want to record the conversation, you’ve to open the app and tap on record. The TapeACall will merge in the call and record everything.

For more knowledge, you can visit their official website: TapeACall

Final Words


You should have to keep in mind privacy laws while doing some hacking stuff. However, you can’t disturb the privacy of your friend, holding an Old Phone like the Nokia 1100. That’s why Modern Hackers cannot Hack Old Technology LOL 🙂

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