How To Download HBO Max on LG Smart TV?

How To Download HBO Max on LG Smart TV

In this article, I’ll share with you how to download HBO Max on LG smart tv. LG TV is one of the most widely used devices in the states and around the world. It offers great Dolby Digital, OLED picture quality, and different features according to your model. It certainly is one of the reliable companies out there. But there is a slight issue with LG in some countries: they can display the HBO Max app in some countries. And if you are from one of those countries and are unable to use the app. In this article, I’ll share with you simple methods that will help with watching HBO max-content on your LG smart TV.

Benefits of HBO Max

HBO is one of the most popular media houses in the United States and around the world. You’ll find the best content from WarnerMedia and other originals that HBO Max has produced. Some of the best shows they have at Chernobyl, Friends, Band of Brothers, and many more.

You would never run out of watching something amazing. HBO is well known for producing quality content, and they also take pride in marketing that. If you can’t watch HBO Max on the big screen, then you are missing a lot. That’s why this article will help you greatly with downloading HBO Max on your LG Smart TV.

Why It’s not available to you?

HBO Max is not available on LG smart TV in some locations because of copyrights. That is the reason when you change your location, you’ll be able to access the HBO Max app on your TV. In this article, I’ll share with you how you can change your location so that you are able to install HBO Max easily and use it.

Guide For How To Change Location To Download HBO Max On LG Smart TV?

Step-1: Turn on your TV, and make sure that no other app is running. It would be best if you were on the home screen of your TV.

Step-2: From your remote control, Look for a gear icon button. Different remotes might have placed the button in other locations, but If you look carefully, you will find the button for the same.

Gear settings Icon on LG Smart TV Screen

Step-3: When you click on the gear button, a bunch of different options will appear on the right side of the screen. 

Step-4: Now, from the options given below, you have to choose the three-dotted button at the right bottom of your screen.

Bottom side three dot icon screen image

Step-5: Once you are into the setting options, click on the General Button in the given list.

General Options settings pn your TV

Step-6: After you click on the General Setting button, you’ll see different options appear on your screen. You have to choose the Location button from the given a choice.

The Location Option Screen

Step-7: Once you do that, you also need to change your location from the USA to Mexico. When asked for confirmation, you can click Yes.

Change the Location For USA to Mexico

Step-8: After you have clicked on the Yes button, it will ask you to restart your TV. It will take about 30 sec to 1 min to restart the device.

Yes Button To Proceed Confirmation To Restart Your LG Smart TV

Step-9: Once you have successfully changed your location, you can now easily install HBO Max on your device. 

How to Install HBO Max? 

Step-1: After your TV has been rebooted, Now you can start the process to install HBO Max.

Step-2: If you have the magic house button click on the same to make the different app appear. If you have an older version, then you already have all the apps displayed on the home screen.

Step-3: Now scroll through the different apps and find the LG Content Store. And open the app from your TV.

Step-4: Once you are in the LG Content Store now, you should navigate to the featured banner. Scroll down and find the Premium section. Here you’ll find all the premium apps.

Step-5: Keep scrolling until you find HBO Max in the given options.

Step-6: Once you find the app, click on the install button similar to any app that you may have installed in the past.

HBO MAX Application Installation Page Image

Step-7: Launch the HBO Max app and enjoy.


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